Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How was your weekend?

Dont you just love those weekends when you arent in a rush to be somewhere every waking moment!?! I DO!!! Thats the kind of weekend we had and it was FANTASTIC!

Friday night we went and hung out with some friends. We ate wings and played cards, what can get better?  Its so nice to go someplace and let Oliver play with other littles and mommy and daddys can semi enjoy their time. 
Saturday was a day of cleaning and just kind of enjoying the day! We had another pair of friends, ones that we havent seen in who knows how long, over that night and had some of my absolutely favorite chili in the world! Noahs sister came over and we were baking cookies and cooking dinner.  I told Noah later that it was kind of deja-vuish.  It felt like weve been doing it for years.  Im not entirely sure how to explain it but it just felt RIGHT!  So after dinner we played cards again!!! We like to play Bang! Its one of those role-playing card games.  Its strategic and just tons of fun!

Sunday was more or less just another lazy day.  We got up to go to church and it was extremely cold so we opted to stay in and watch it online.  Me and Oliver have been going rounds with sniffles and congestion.  We made breakfast, watched some Rob Bell, Despicable Me, made homemade Chicken Noodle, and watched football.  My sister ended up coming over and that was fun! Sunday was a day of either over-cooking or under-cooking food! My sister tried and tried to get a hug from Oliver and finally had to bribe him!

Normally when you go back to work on Monday's it feels like you never left, but this week it felt different.  It felt like I actually took some time for us! I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy the moment at least for a little bit!