Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Im really here!

So since the last time I was here to actually say something, Ive been mostly sick and not wanted to be the whiner and complain all the time!
When I was pregnant with Oliver I was pretty sick, not just nauseous but pukey sick.  However, with this go around, I just have a very uncomforatble stomach! I dont do well being sick...as Noah puts it.  So, basically I wanted to spare everyone that annoyance and let sweet sweet Noah have it all :) just kidding

We have however been up to some things!
Were in the process of trying to eat even better than we already sort of do...Noah is on the idea of not wanting to eat lots of red meat, which I totally understand, however Im NOT feeling chicken like I did with Oliver this time.  SO! we are working on trying a semi vegetarian thing...for a lack of better term. The other night I made Portabella Fajitas and OH MAN were they DE-LISH! I thought I took a picture of them....but FAIL! Im trying to vary our menu so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

On another note:  We took a family trip to Kansas City this weekend; just the three of us!
It was AMAZING! I could not of asked for a more well behaved little boy! He played with his IronMan most of the weekend.  When he wasnt he was playing with his cousins or splashing around at Oceans of Fun!
Let me tell you! It was a little chillier than I was expecting...but Oliver absolutely enjoyed it! We had to pull him away from the pirate ship and he did not like it! Other than that I think all three of us had a huge grin plastered on our faces!
I got to show Noah the Legends Mall and I think he was pretty excited about it...
We both got to share something new with each other as well as Oliver!

I really could not of asked for a better weekend! I love the times that we can get away and just be with US!

Us at AmeriStar

Mommy and Oli

Sleeping on the way there

Oliver loves trains and this was right up his alley!
Daddy had to break a little rule to get it....shh!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First reaction

Honestly, its very weird to think that im pregnant again! Mostly becasue its been three years since i was the last time! When i found out i was prgnant with Oliver i had been throwing up at work all day because i ate a donut ad drank some juice! It was automatic! This time it was more subtle...sore breasts the normal period thing. BUT then more symptoms kept happening.
Im not a fan of peeing on my hand so i pee in a cup and submerge the stick in it.  For some reason i had this gut feeling that this time was different. The first time when the two pink lines appeared, i was scared! My first thought was...my dads going to kill me! Mostly because i still wasnt used to the fact that my relatives knew that i was having sex! I cried in noahs shoulder...he reassured me that this was a good think lol!
THIS time Noah was at work still when i took the test. The lines appeared and i just couldnt stop smiling! Im happy about it! Im more than happy, Im estatic! I was able to surprise one of my best friends on her birthday...and find out that it could be possible that we could be prego together!
Were so happy and couldnt be more excited!

Great News!

Need I say more!?!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day of Fools

I LOVE April 1st! I love to pull pranks on people! Now let me clarify...I dont do crude, horrible jokes...I mostly just mess with your technology. Little harmless pranks.
Friday morning I ran around while some of my coworkers were in their daily meeting and slipped a little piece of paper and tape over their laser mouse.  The cursor will not move when its like this! Turns out one of the gals got blamed for most of my shenanigans.  SO I had to go and set the record straight.  Most people were so surprised when they found out it was me that they didnt believe me when I flat out said..."yea it was me".
Some of the best reactions of the day were a guy trying to wiggle his mouse VIOLENTLY and then banging it on the desk (like that really works).  And then I taped down his hang up button on his phone so that when he would answer the ringing telephone it would continue to ring! I had the greatest laugh at all of this...I dont think Ive laughed so hard in a while! 

I wanted to come up a really good prank to pull on Noah, but there was nothing really that came to mind...:(

SO for those of you that dont like the day of fools be glad you dont work with me... ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Dandelion

I was telling Noah the other day about my new love of dandelions, after I had overloaded his inbox with beautiful pictures!  He brought home a piece of paper with a awesome story.

Growing straight and upward to the sky,
It reflects golden rays of the sun.
I contemplate "Lord so would I--
Thy work to be done."
Dandelions are just common weeds
With many-rayed yellow flowers.
To prcreate, they become white billows of seeds
And to spread far and wide for long hours.

"Lord, dont let me be a rose--not I!
Though beautiful and fragrant,
A rose will easily wilt and die
When the storms of life run rampant.
Underneath a rose are thorsn to hurt
And prick and tear.
Disguised by aromatci beauty.
Like the tempter's snare.
Let me be a dandelion! Difficult to defeat!
Withstanding every storm and heavy,
Stomping feet."

A dandelion is a token of love,
When plucked by a child
And given to a mother--
Who doesnt care that it grew wild.
She sees it as a symbol of her little one,
Growing upward to the sky,
Reflecting golden rays of the Son!
"Lord, let him grw in wisdom and stature,
And in favour with God and man.
And when I see a dandelion, Ill know --
As it does grow--He can!

Ive never quite looked at a dandelion that way...my dad would be upset if us girls spread their seeds because it was putting new weeds in his yard.  It brings a smile to my face reading this...because the beautiful things we see in this world are just that and nothing more...but the things most see as ugly or "weeds" is we should strive to be!
So, which are you?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Going ons...

Im sorry for being a debbie downer in my last post...Ive had so many emotions running around in my head, Physical loss, mental loss...just a neverending flow of sad and depressing emotions...BUT on a happier note Ive decided that I cant allow everything to get me down. I have to make a concious effort to stay positive. Ive got so many things to be positive about...
An amazing husband!
A handsome son!
(sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures)
Just an all around good life...
In effort to put forth a better attitude, I made another goal list that is going to be a little more attainable. Because right now a trip to other countries are a tad bit undoable at the moment...
Instead little things that are going to give us things to talk and reminisce about later in life...
I took a page out of Kate's book and started a 101 in 1001 days list. Dayzeroproject.com is a website that keeps it all together and connects people from all over the world and shows what kind of goals they have accomplished.  Its actually pretty awesome!

My little family gets to go and visit with some of my old high school friends...I cant believe its only been 5 years! Im really not sure what else weve got up the old sleeves but I know that we finally get to use some of our tax money to get a new wahser and dryer!! OH HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!
What are you doing with your tax money?
Heres to a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have two biological sisters (A&H), one half siste (U)r and a step sister (K).  Im the oldest of my two and younger than my other two sisters.  U is the daughter of my bio mom and K is the daughter of my step mom.   Ive only met U once and Ive reconnected with her here in the last few years we are trying to build a relationship.  However, the other three Ive had relationships with.  The more  I think about the subject the more I wonder if A, H and K are meant to have a relationship.  

I was a mother figure to A and H for a while because when my parents divorced we lived with my mom for a while and she was nothing of a mother.  That was when I was 10! They kind of resented me because of the position I was put in.  Weve had a very strained relationship for as long as I can remember.  At so many points in time I think weve just given up on each other.  I want a normal sister relationship with all of them but we are all SO different.  Out of A, H K and myself there is always a fight or argument going on.  Its so stressful! A doesnt like K or H is fighting with A or Im fighting with wichever.  I know this has to sound like ramblings, and Im really not sure how best to put it.
Maybe one day it will be a normal situation...I guess one can only hope...
I want to be apart of their lives but who knows if that will happen.  UGH!! Anyways I guess its time to get off that topic...because Im not sure how else to address it. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How was your weekend?

Dont you just love those weekends when you arent in a rush to be somewhere every waking moment!?! I DO!!! Thats the kind of weekend we had and it was FANTASTIC!

Friday night we went and hung out with some friends. We ate wings and played cards, what can get better?  Its so nice to go someplace and let Oliver play with other littles and mommy and daddys can semi enjoy their time. 
Saturday was a day of cleaning and just kind of enjoying the day! We had another pair of friends, ones that we havent seen in who knows how long, over that night and had some of my absolutely favorite chili in the world! Noahs sister came over and we were baking cookies and cooking dinner.  I told Noah later that it was kind of deja-vuish.  It felt like weve been doing it for years.  Im not entirely sure how to explain it but it just felt RIGHT!  So after dinner we played cards again!!! We like to play Bang! Its one of those role-playing card games.  Its strategic and just tons of fun!

Sunday was more or less just another lazy day.  We got up to go to church and it was extremely cold so we opted to stay in and watch it online.  Me and Oliver have been going rounds with sniffles and congestion.  We made breakfast, watched some Rob Bell, Despicable Me, made homemade Chicken Noodle, and watched football.  My sister ended up coming over and that was fun! Sunday was a day of either over-cooking or under-cooking food! My sister tried and tried to get a hug from Oliver and finally had to bribe him!

Normally when you go back to work on Monday's it feels like you never left, but this week it felt different.  It felt like I actually took some time for us! I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy the moment at least for a little bit!