Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love List 6/23/10

Love List

1. Bones (tv show)
2. My dad! Happy Father's Day!
3. not being sick
4. cuddling with Oliver
5. cuddling with Noah
6. being taken care of when Im sick
7. movies with a good friend!

These are a few things that Ive been loving this week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Night Out...and That is an Order!

So last night I was ordered to get out of the house. My husband is an amazing man, I wouldnt want anything more! Anyways, I called up a friend and we headed out to Oldtown. We went to see the movie Killers (Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel WONDERFUL movie! Just what one needs when they are blue. It was hilarious. Now when her and I go to movies we laugh. We laugh alot, especially when its a comedy (thats what you are supposed to do). Whenever we go we get glares and stares from eveyone! Last night was no different! This one dude after the movie stood up and was like there you are giggles and gigglet. HAHA!! It was gerat! Once the movie was over just about everyone stood up to find out who were the laughers.

So afterwards we went over to Lucinda's. I wish I had more money to spend soley in there! I love Lucinda's! Once we lived fantasies...we headed out and walked around Oldtown for a while! We seen this guy on a bike that had a 80's style boombox on the back of it...come and party ladies! No thanks!

Really it was a great night and to top it off, I got a call from my sister telling me that my grandpa and one of my aunts were in town from Texas. I was pretty excited and then I got to talk to my grandpa. He is a hoot! I dont remember ever talking to him on the was always my grandma Di. Now here is the question that I need to pose...Im sure I wont get a response, but for my sanity I need to pose it at least so that I can ask a real person and get real feedback.

How do I spend time with people that are staying with someone I desire not to have contact with? Is it polite to invite the guests and not the host?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

That blasted car!

Im so tired of my stinking Pontiac Bonneville. Its been a good car as far as getting to where I needed to go and places I need to be when Noah had other things to do. However, here recently its been unbelievably stubborn! It is HORRIBLE on gas. Its take nothing for it to guzzle a ten spot, and all I do is drive from work to home. If I go anywhere its usually with Noah.

When it rains, it pours. Im not sure where the actual leak is but its somewhere around where the winshield meets the top of the car. Its got a wet stain all around that area. I cannot take it to the carwash to clean it, because the window leaks...there is just a leaking problem. At some point I have started having transmission problems. It stalls and people look at me funny when Im at a green light still trying to get through the intersection. No joke, I seriously had a woman honk at me first thing in the morning because I wasnt going fast enough for her. Not the greatest way to start a morning. THEN! this morning I had to drive the car, because my truck had to get its 30 day tags and was un drivable! So after not driving the bonneville in over a week it got a turn. It ran really good considering...but I had to get gas before I got to work. When I was finished I went to leave and my shifter wouldnt get out of park...after banging on it a little it decided it would let me go to work. I just thought it was a one time thing...NOPE! At lunch I was headed home to pick up my truck! I couldnt get it to come out of park...AT ALL! Noah came to my rescue! He thought it was transmission off to quik trip we went! THAT DIDNT FIX IT!!

So I think its going to be spending the night at work tonight...Im trying so hard to convince Noah to jusnk it so we can get a little money out of it and pay off some bills. Isnt it funny that once you get bills paid off others pop up to take their place!?!

ANYWAY! As soon as I get off work its off to hang out with a friend and get some much needed time out. (Noah ordered me to go out) Its going to be a night of a movie (killers) and food and drink and then maybe even a little window shopping! I cannot wait to get paid tomorrow!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LOVE LIST 6/16/10

Love List

Falling asleep in Noah's arms
olivers giggles
Watching my boys sleep
Dancing with Oliver
Visits to Belle Plaine
Weeks that go by quickly
Our new truck

These are a few things Im loving right now!

LOVE LIST 6/9/10

Love List

Thunder & Lightning
Homemade Bread
Guessing how old a baby is with my sweetie
Watching my little man grow
My boys
Noah's face when he sits down at his piano
Vases =)

These are the things Im loving right now!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have you ever..

felt alone?

Im the farthest thing from alone. Ive got an amazing husband who would do anything for me. Im blessed to my son, who brings joy to my life continuously! When I say I feel alone, I mean with friendships. Ive made some wonderful friends since I graduated High School and got married. However, I really miss the ones that I had in high school.

The wonderful thing about this day and age is that we have all possibilities to stay in touch with people...Facebook, Twitter, Myspace...etc. I see all of my friends haInging out with the old crew and I kind of get jealous! I want to be there hanging out and catching up. Im not the greatest at putting forth much effort when they dont either...but I cant blame them. They grew up with the same bunch of people and I was just the newcomer. I thought I made a lasting impression, but I was so determined to get out of that small town as soon as possible. I dont know...

Then I see all of these people I know getting married and I feel like Im the last to know...I dont know...what happened to me? I used to be so outgoing...I didnt care about these things...I guess its me getting older and wanting those old friendships back...

Im done ranting.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Its been a while since Ive made the time to sit down and write! Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons because its the time that I want to go outside and enjoy myself. Now that Oliver is moving around and able to run around and play its even better! We've been busy with all the new activities! Softball started a couple of weeks ago. Im not as excited about it this year as I was last. I think a lot of it has to do with our team. Im not the biggest fan of our coach, hes taking this WAY to seriously! I just want to go out there and have some fun!

We have hit the lake and the swimming pool already! I hope to make it a regular part of our summer! Oliver wasnt to sure about the water at first but when we took him to the pool he was intrigued. He didnt know what to think of the beached patrons cooking themselves, he just stopped and stared.