Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Im really here!

So since the last time I was here to actually say something, Ive been mostly sick and not wanted to be the whiner and complain all the time!
When I was pregnant with Oliver I was pretty sick, not just nauseous but pukey sick.  However, with this go around, I just have a very uncomforatble stomach! I dont do well being sick...as Noah puts it.  So, basically I wanted to spare everyone that annoyance and let sweet sweet Noah have it all :) just kidding

We have however been up to some things!
Were in the process of trying to eat even better than we already sort of do...Noah is on the idea of not wanting to eat lots of red meat, which I totally understand, however Im NOT feeling chicken like I did with Oliver this time.  SO! we are working on trying a semi vegetarian thing...for a lack of better term. The other night I made Portabella Fajitas and OH MAN were they DE-LISH! I thought I took a picture of them....but FAIL! Im trying to vary our menu so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

On another note:  We took a family trip to Kansas City this weekend; just the three of us!
It was AMAZING! I could not of asked for a more well behaved little boy! He played with his IronMan most of the weekend.  When he wasnt he was playing with his cousins or splashing around at Oceans of Fun!
Let me tell you! It was a little chillier than I was expecting...but Oliver absolutely enjoyed it! We had to pull him away from the pirate ship and he did not like it! Other than that I think all three of us had a huge grin plastered on our faces!
I got to show Noah the Legends Mall and I think he was pretty excited about it...
We both got to share something new with each other as well as Oliver!

I really could not of asked for a better weekend! I love the times that we can get away and just be with US!

Us at AmeriStar

Mommy and Oli

Sleeping on the way there

Oliver loves trains and this was right up his alley!
Daddy had to break a little rule to get it....shh!