Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Dandelion

I was telling Noah the other day about my new love of dandelions, after I had overloaded his inbox with beautiful pictures!  He brought home a piece of paper with a awesome story.

Growing straight and upward to the sky,
It reflects golden rays of the sun.
I contemplate "Lord so would I--
Thy work to be done."
Dandelions are just common weeds
With many-rayed yellow flowers.
To prcreate, they become white billows of seeds
And to spread far and wide for long hours.

"Lord, dont let me be a rose--not I!
Though beautiful and fragrant,
A rose will easily wilt and die
When the storms of life run rampant.
Underneath a rose are thorsn to hurt
And prick and tear.
Disguised by aromatci beauty.
Like the tempter's snare.
Let me be a dandelion! Difficult to defeat!
Withstanding every storm and heavy,
Stomping feet."

A dandelion is a token of love,
When plucked by a child
And given to a mother--
Who doesnt care that it grew wild.
She sees it as a symbol of her little one,
Growing upward to the sky,
Reflecting golden rays of the Son!
"Lord, let him grw in wisdom and stature,
And in favour with God and man.
And when I see a dandelion, Ill know --
As it does grow--He can!

Ive never quite looked at a dandelion that dad would be upset if us girls spread their seeds because it was putting new weeds in his yard.  It brings a smile to my face reading this...because the beautiful things we see in this world are just that and nothing more...but the things most see as ugly or "weeds" is we should strive to be!
So, which are you?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Going ons...

Im sorry for being a debbie downer in my last post...Ive had so many emotions running around in my head, Physical loss, mental loss...just a neverending flow of sad and depressing emotions...BUT on a happier note Ive decided that I cant allow everything to get me down. I have to make a concious effort to stay positive. Ive got so many things to be positive about...
An amazing husband!
A handsome son!
(sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures)
Just an all around good life...
In effort to put forth a better attitude, I made another goal list that is going to be a little more attainable. Because right now a trip to other countries are a tad bit undoable at the moment...
Instead little things that are going to give us things to talk and reminisce about later in life...
I took a page out of Kate's book and started a 101 in 1001 days list. is a website that keeps it all together and connects people from all over the world and shows what kind of goals they have accomplished.  Its actually pretty awesome!

My little family gets to go and visit with some of my old high school friends...I cant believe its only been 5 years! Im really not sure what else weve got up the old sleeves but I know that we finally get to use some of our tax money to get a new wahser and dryer!! OH HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!
What are you doing with your tax money?
Heres to a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have two biological sisters (A&H), one half siste (U)r and a step sister (K).  Im the oldest of my two and younger than my other two sisters.  U is the daughter of my bio mom and K is the daughter of my step mom.   Ive only met U once and Ive reconnected with her here in the last few years we are trying to build a relationship.  However, the other three Ive had relationships with.  The more  I think about the subject the more I wonder if A, H and K are meant to have a relationship.  

I was a mother figure to A and H for a while because when my parents divorced we lived with my mom for a while and she was nothing of a mother.  That was when I was 10! They kind of resented me because of the position I was put in.  Weve had a very strained relationship for as long as I can remember.  At so many points in time I think weve just given up on each other.  I want a normal sister relationship with all of them but we are all SO different.  Out of A, H K and myself there is always a fight or argument going on.  Its so stressful! A doesnt like K or H is fighting with A or Im fighting with wichever.  I know this has to sound like ramblings, and Im really not sure how best to put it.
Maybe one day it will be a normal situation...I guess one can only hope...
I want to be apart of their lives but who knows if that will happen.  UGH!! Anyways I guess its time to get off that topic...because Im not sure how else to address it.