Friday, December 10, 2010

Family Pictures-Life List

As a part of my life goals I wanted to get family pictures.  Noah and I has never had pictures taken of us professionally! I wont lie, I blog hop! Well through my hopping I found Meg.  Meg is such a colorful person.  She is the mind behind whatever

One day she posted about having an open time for pictures before she closed for the winter.  I jumped! I was estatic!

I have great reason to be estatic because this was the end result:

Thank you so so so much! I know that Ive already told you many many times, but its jus tI cant get over how great they are!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wishlist 2010

Noah and I were talking the other day about what we were doing for gifts for our families...We try and get practical gifts, things that they need.  How many little trinkets does one person need to clutter up their shelves?  Granted I love little trinkets at times! Anyways, that got us to thinking about what each other may have on their lists for Santa. 

There are some AMAZING dishes at target!  When we moved the last time we just left our mismatched dishes and planned on buying new ones that all matched.  Since then weve been using the and white ruffly ones my great grandmother left me.

Carpet in our house!! I think wood floors are very pretty, however they do not offer much warmth in the winter!

That is paper!
How gorgeous is this!?! I always love something pretty for my walls!

When we thought we were gonna sell our house I sold my huge jewelry armoire.  I kind of need something to put my necklaces on...enters this gorgeous holder

I need a new bible.  When Noah and I got together I lost mine somewhere and havent had one of my own since. :(

Some of these things are pretty far fetched...but its fun to dream! Some of the things I know that we will eventually get them....*coughcoughcarpetcoughcough*

So what kind of things are you hoping for?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What do Santa and Guns have in common? NOTHING

We had such a great weekend! There was some Santa, some guns, hunting, and NOTHING.

Friday night we rounded up Oliver and Noah's sisters to go see a neighborhood santa.  Santa's daughter is a friend of my mom's.  This house is GORGEOUS!!! I wish my camera was working a little better so I could of taken pictures of it! It had as many lights inside as there were outside.  And trust me! There were TONS of lights outside.  Oliver wanted nothing to do with Mrs. Claus, but he ran right over to Santa!

Geeze I love that little guy! Although he really isnt all that little.:)  He really enjoyed himself, running down the driveway touching just about every single light! He is just so curious and adventurous!  We are so lucky to have this little boy!! oliver got to stay the night with Grandma and Grandpa out in Belle Plaine that night so that Noah and I could go to the Foodbank in the morning to volunteer with my job. 

I love to volunteer! Ive worked at the Foodbank for the last two years and it is always such a blessing to go in and pack those boxes for those that dont have enough food.  Yes, my back will hurt after a while but I know that Im doing it for something much greater!
We headed out to Belle Plaine to visit my parents and also to pick up Oliver.  We planned on staying out there most of the day so Noah could go hunting with my dad and uncle.  My sister and her boyfriend showed up out there so they could visit with all of the littles.  All of us except my mom, my neice, and my nephew went out to the back 40 and watched the guys get ready for the hunt, checked out the latest kill, and did a little target practice! Ive never in my life ever shot a gun (if you dont count water and BB guns).  I told my dad that I really wanted to do it!! I didnt think I was going to get to because was being a little stinker!  When I came back out my sister was still shooting, so I hadnt missed my chance!  My dad thought I had shot before. NOPE! So he gave me some pointers and let me loose.  I was the shortest one out there excluding Oliver, so the tripod was too tall for me :(
Once I shot, it didnt kick back as much as I had expected but that didnt stop it from surprising me!
the moment I shot...
me: shit!!
dad: she said shit! *giggle*
He couldnt stop laughing!

The boys

My dad telling me what to do

ME!! Shooting a gun!!!

My little crew
 While the boys went to be cavemen, us girls made snowflakes.  I forgot to take pictures because I was too busy folding coffee filters for my neice and then monitoring how much glue she put on them! OY VEY! That girl is something else let me tell you!
Sunday was a day of NOTHING! It was so nice to enjoy a very lazy Sunday. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coffee....its not for everyone!

I have a list of blogs I go through on a daily basis.  Life in the Pitts is definetly one of them! Helena is quite the character! She often uses prompts from MamaKat.  So I decided, why the heck not! Ill give this prompt thing a go....hence the title!

A list of 10 reasons you or do not drink coffee.  BUT! I only have 5 reasons...SO Ill give you five reasons why I would want to drink coffee.

  1. Ive given coffee so many chances, but I still cant get past the taste.
  2. Im not a huge fan of the yellowing that the blackness of it does to my teeth!
  3. Im paranoid about having good breath...Coffee does not help this.
  4. Its unbareably HOT!!! Take a sip to early and you will have no taste buds for weeks!!!
  5. I believe the myth of if you drink coffee it will stunt your growth...Im already 5'3"...I dont need to help my shortness!
  1. I want the caffiene...I like energy drinks...
  2. I LOVE the smell of coffee beans and brewing coffee!
  3. My friends have coffee dates...I would like to enjoy one of those...
  4. Its unbelievably HOT!!! It would warm me up in the winter!
  5. It would give me a reason to go into Starbucks...
Yea, I may be incredibly lame....but Im cool with it! Ive just not ever been a coffee drinker.  Im not a tea drinker either!  Anytime I go to friends homes they always have tea and coffee that EVERYONE else is drinking...Im the gal in the corner with the glass of water. :)  It makes me unique.....and easier to find lol!

Im linking up to Mama Kats Writer should check it out!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gather 'Round the Table

How many people actually sit at a table and enjoy a family meal together?

I know that it doesnt happen often. In our house its just me, Noah, and Oliver.  Oliver is almost 2.  We tend to stick him in the highchair and then put ourselves down on the couch and enjoy a movie together.  However, what is that teaching Oliver?  Growing up both of us had family dinner at the dinner table.  Its always been instilled in me! I told myself that when I had a family we would always sit at a dinner table together and not have a tv involved.  I want my family to communicate and not just grunt and groan "pass the peas"...

I truly believe that just by sitting at the dinner table together each night will make a family closer; will evoke communication.  We finally got a table that isnt too tall and small.  I fixed dinner and Noah set the table.  We sat down and it was nice! It was nice to just sit there and visit.  Granted, there wasnt a ton of talking...I wasnt feeling that great.  Once we were done Noah gave Oli a bath and I took care of the dinner dishes.  It was nice to have the little things that tend to build up done.  We settled in and watched James and the Giant Peach.  I forgot how much I really enjoyed that movie as a kid.  Oliver was in a trance the entire time.  He laughs at movies in really odd times!

As this was a tad bit random, Im telling myself that I need to make time for my family and to sit there and enjoy a meal and enjoy the quality time that it brings.  Before long Oliver will have so many other things going on that we may not be able to keep up. 

Anyways, thats just some things that are going around in my head this morning.  I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Great News.....

While I was away...Noah and I decided that we werent going to sell the house and stay right where we're at! You dont know how excited I am about it!  I know that Noah would LOVE to be an overseas missionary.  Dont get me wrong, I would love to be apart of that as well, BUT I moved around a lot as a kid and I tell you what....moving is not fun! However, traveling is the greatest!

We have decided that we will partake in mission trips, but in the end we want to be able to come HOME. We want to give Oliver that stability that we didnt necessarily didnt have.  We want Oliver and whatever future children to have that sense of foundation.  This brings me so much joy because I can FINALLY make this house of ours a home! Once we decided on keeping it, the next day I came home and put all of our pictures back up on the walls! We get to host Thanksgiving at our house this year! It puts a huge smile on my face because that means both of our families will be in the same room at the same time enjoying wach others company.......I hope!

I just felt the urge to share this with you, because it seems here recently we were keeping this secret from so many people and now.....well it doesnt really matter!! :)  Not to mention it was a life goal to live in a house longer than six months, and we are coming up on 8. 

So here is to many more months and years in this lovely house that we are transforming into a home!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Really Am Here!

OY VAY!!! Im so sorry that I havent been around! The family and I have had WAY too many things a happening here lately! Ive needed to spend much more time loving my husband and my son! We've had to endure one too many funerals, Thank God though for them knowing Him!

Anyways, Im working on making a come back :)
The goal is start writing again more often....Ive missed having this outlet....
So as for today, It's my birthday!!! Sadly I have to still be at work! BUT my amazing husband threw me a surprise party this weekend with all our friends and family! It was a fantastic day. I got to spend the afternoon with one of my greatest friends doing our favorite thing....SHOPPING!!  We were getting ready for our race the next day. I kept thinking that I should probably start heading home, because I hadnt spent much time with Noah.  We were planning on going to On th Border for dinner and hitting a couple DAV's to look for plates for Thanksgiving.  Well, my mother in law KEPT calling me.  It was starting to irritate me, like what in the world could you possbily want this bad. But then I thought maybe something is wrong....I better answer it.  NOPE! She had to find out where I was, what I was doing, if Oliver could stay the night...I dont know how many times she asked where I was...but it turns out it was for a good reason!

It was a great party! There was good food, good people, just fun! NOT TO MENTION I got to sit and actually visit with another one of my greatest friends EVER!

So me and the gal who took me hostage so that Noah could the party together, we ran in the Inspire Hope run on Sunday! I have never ran any kind of race EVER! I wasnt completely prepared but I told Ravienne that I wanted to do it or I would probably never do it! Im so proud of myself! I made a goal list and on that list I wrote run a 5k.  This race was an 8k! AND! we both finished in 59:18!!!!! I ran 4.8 miles in less than an hour!! I also need to add that Ravienne and I joined Team Sparkle! We got our butts out there and ran with our Sparkle Skirts! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!  Once we finished Noah surprised us by signing up for the mile run! He ran the mile in 7:13!! I was so proud of him because he hasnt ran in so long due to ankle injuries!  So all in all it was a fantastic weekend! Once I upload the pictures Ill be sure to get some over here!

Ill be back!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Im still here!

Sorry to have just disappeared for a while! Ive been busy with work and spending time with the boys!

Im really not sure what to say right now...

I took a float trip down the Illinois River in Tahlequah, OK over labor day weekend! Me and a bunch of girls! It was just what the doctor ordered! It was a BLAST!!

Ill update more later, I have a lot of things on the brain.
P.S. Noah and I are getting ready to celebrate 3 years of marriage on the 29th.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Life Goals

Ive been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life for the longest time.  I have a habit of conforming to those around me.  Ive had some limits but not many.  Ive gained things in life that I do genuniely like, but once Ive gotten away from that person those things dont matter to me as much.  Ive been searching for myself for a long time.  It was inspired by Maggie Mason's Mighty Life List
  1. Lose 45 pounds
  2. Run a 5k 11/7/10 AND it was an 8k!! My time was 59:18!
  3. Take a family vacation  5/29/11- Kansas City, Oceans of Fun!
  4. Have a honeymoon
  5. Show compassion
  6. Have family pictures taken 10/23 Thank you Meg!!
  7. Read 100 books
  8. Eat escrgot
  9. Eat clams
  10. Go to the dentist
  11. Get a passport
  12. Drink a beer or wine in an Irish pub
  13. Finish my Associates degree
  14. Make a will
  15. Learn to scuba dive
  16. Tithe
  17. Buy Noah a new wedding ring
  18. Live in one place for 6 months 10/19/10
  19. Buy a stock
  20. Go to Stonehenge
  21. Go to the Garden of the Gods
  22. Snowboard
  23. Go to a castle
  24. Go to Jerusalem
  25. See Paris from the top of the eiffel Tower
  26. Visit the Statue of Libery
  27. See New York from the top of the Empire State Building
  28. Learn French
  29. Learn something new
  30. Take a girls trip Labor Day 2010
  31. Eat crab on the beach  8/2010
  32. Go deep sea fishing
  33. Take the family camping
  34. Go to culinary school
  35. Go for a balloon ride
  36. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  37. Swim with dolphins
  38. See Big Ben
  39. Raise my credit score
  40. Write a letter
  41. Renew my vows after 10 years of marriage
  42. Read my Bible front to back
  43. Go on a train ride
  44. 100 hours of community service
  45. Have another child We are pregnant! 4/13/11
  46. Send out Christmas cards
  47. Make our Christmas stockings
  48. Visit Greece
  49. Take Noah and Oliver to the Grand Canyon
  50. See the Northern Lights
  51. Develop and frame 200 pictures that Ive taken
  52. Take boudior pictures
  53. Go to China
  54. Get my balck belt
  55. Go to Egypt
  56. See the Pryamids
  57. Walk on the beach at night  8/2010
  58. Watch a pro baseball game in person
  59. See a Broadway musical on Broadway
  60. Sip Earl Grey in England
  61. Have 5 genreation pictures taken (both sides)- got 4 generations on my side done.
  62. Learn to knit
  63. Learn to crochet
  64. Make a quilt
  65. Go to Japan
  66. Host a holiday meal at my house.  Thanksgiving 2010
  67. Take Oliver and Noah to New York
  68. Take Oliver and Noah to the Pacific Ocean
  69. Take Oliver and Noah to the Atlantic Ocean
  70. Take the hunters Safety Course
  71. Shoot a gun 12/4/10
  72. Grow a garden
  73. Make a compost bin in progress
  74. Build something
  75. Go to Mardi Gras
  76. Eat Crawfish  5/29/11
  77. Eat Mussels  5/29/11
  78. Go to Ireland
  79. Go to Scotland
  80. Stand in a HUGE redwood tree
  81. Go to a waterfall with Noah
  82. Stroll the Pacific coast
  83. Fly with Noah
*Its still a work in progress...Im still adding to it!

To My Love

This is a little late, but its better late than never right?

Noah celebrated his 25th birthday on Sunday! Thats right the big 2-5! He was kind of worrying about it.  I cant imagine what it will be like when he turns 30! But we went to dinner at Red Robins that night with my family.  they had never been there.  It was a great night of catching up and just chatting away. Afterwards we went to his parents for cake.  I think he had a wonderful day.

I thought I would make a list of the things that I love about My Love.

1. his sense of humor
2. his laugh when he gets tickled in the right spot (right under the arem pit)
3. his drive for Christ
4. his devotion to me
5. his absolute joy of being a father
6. his piano playing
7. his love of anime
8. his snugles
9. his need of affection
10.  i have to mention his handsome-ness
11. his love of fine arts
12. his compassion for animals
13. his love of learning
14. his ambition
15. his level head
16. his love of trying new things
17. his new nickname for me every month...last it was socks, this month its toby
18. his shirt folding
19. his short hair
20. his humility
21. his bluntness
22. his taste in movies
23. his strength
24. his willingness to be by my side in hard times
25.his compassion for people!

I love you Noah! I hope your day was enjoyable! I hope that it was special.  I hope this last year was as good for you as it was for me!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Airman by Eoin Colfer

Im a reader.  Ive always loved reading! You could usually find my nose stuck in some book for very long periods of time!!  However, as Ive gotten older, life gets busy and then with a baby its hard to find time to read. 

Before our vacation Oiver, my sister in law and I went to the library to get some books to read while on the road.  Im not sure what books she got but, I got two for Oliver.  One was Do Kangaroos Wear Seatbelts? and the other was Animal Festival.  He liked looking at the animals in the second book.  I would read it to him and try to make the animal sounds.  He would just laugh and laugh. 
While we were gone I think he looked at them MAYBE twice each. 

I on the other hand was stuck on choosing a book.  I was either going to start The Left Behind series or Artemis Fowl.  

I wasnt ready for Left Behind yet, and Artemis Fowl was checked out. It made me sad.
The freaking amazing librarian man was following us playing with Oliver and helping me with finding a book. 
He suggested Airman by Eoin Colfer.

This is more of a guys book, but the way tha Colfer tells the story is amazing!
Its about Conor Broekhart's life and trials.  His family is very loyal to the royal family of Great Saltee.  He and the Princess Isabella were the best of friends and were nearly insepperable.
Conor was framed for the murder of the King by Hugo Bonvillian and sent to Little Saltee Prison to mine diamonds.
Little did Bonvillian know that one day he would be set up himself and duped!
I know this vague but I dont want to ruin it for anyone.  Its definetly a must read. 
I plan on finding some more of Colfer's books and adding them to my must read list.  You should do the same!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Texas Vacation Part 2

So we woke up the next morning and realized those beds sucked!! In this little twin bed all three of us slept.  The boys took up most of the room.  I just got up and started getting ready to pack up and start back on the road. When we finally did get ready to leave, the boys were putting the suitcases back in the van and Noah didnt like how I had packed it.
He was griping that the thing was too lumpy and decided that my little old swimsuit was the cause of it! HAHA!
We went on our way to San Antonio.
This part of the trip went by pretty quickly. I did more reading and napping of course!
When we finally made it to San Antonio, we were so ready to be out of the van and get exploring. 
Outside Stage where dancers dance.
The Marriage Spot...theres a huge long story with this one.
Some of the Beautiful buildings down the river.
Im not entirely sure what is up there.  I just thought it was neat!

Ill leave you with these for now.  The next part is going to be about Noah and I's night out!
Until next time...

I guess that was a backwards compliment...

I work in an office and have to be there early.  In the mornings I stop and grab either a muffin, poptart, juice gas whatever my little heart desires! Noah gets mad because I "nickel and dime" our account. LOL!

Anyway, back to the point...this little store is run by this father and son team. I think the old man is originally from India. Through our meetings Ive learned that he used to be a professor and now he runs a convienent store...gofigure. But his son is really nice, we talk everytim Im in there, which is often. 

One day the old man greeted me and I was in a good mood and feeling very confident about my appearance.  (Ive had a baby and still in the process of losing the extra poundage) We made small talk, he asked about my son.  Its not uncommon for him to comment that Im looking good.  This particular day he said that I was looking sexy and that it looks like Ive gained some weight!!!
I really didnt know how to take it.  I called a friend...

Me: In India, are bigger women deemed more attractive?
Kerri: I think so...
Me: This guy at the store just told me that it looks like Ive gained weight, and that I look sexy! HE SAID SEXY!!!
Kerri: REALLY!!?!?!!

After paying for my gas or whatever it was, I had to quickly drive on! I try my darndest to ONLY go in when the son is working. Im not a fan of being hit on by a maybe 50 year old Indian man.
This was MONTHS ago.
Today, as I drove up I seen the old man in front of the store...Im dead serious, I almost just drove on and went on to work. But that muffin was calling my name. 

Old man:  Its been a long time! How are you?
Me: Im good.
Old man: how is your son?
Me: Hes great, just getting big and being a boy!
Old man: Great!
**credit card reciept printing**
Old man: Are you expecting?
Me: Heck No! ***nervous giggle***
Me: See ya!

Did I tell you that he keeps telling me that I should have another child?  Its bad enough that my grandmother with alzheimer always asks when we are going to have another baby, but some creepy old Indian man...I THINK NOT!!!

Im linking up to

Life in the Pitts

Has anything akward like that every happened to you? Go on tell your story and link it up by Friday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love List 8/18/10

Love List

The Beach (Galveston to be specific)
My men
Durty Nelly's
Stella Artois
Alone time with Noah
a good book
Wonderful memories
Amazing landscapes
Beautiful architecture

These are a few of the things that I found myself enamored with last week!  As you can tell mine was surrounded by or vacation.  What could be better?!?  What are you in love with?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Texas Vacation Part 1


So We got up early Tuesday morning to finish getting packed and we also had to pick up the house because they our realtor was going to show it while we were gone.  So it was a very early morning especially for us since we didnt go to bed until after one!  The plan was to be in the van and leaving town by 8.  We didnt get on the road until 10! UGH!!! I was frustrated because I was super tired! Super Hungry! AND Super ready to get this show on the road!
 I really thought Oliver was going to do horribly on the trip because this kid has only gone as far as Salina.  Thats only like an hour and a half I think.  This was 8 hours!!!! He did amazing! We stopped every couple of hours so that he could stretch his legs and get a fresh diaper.  Noah fell asleep immediately and was out for a good while! Not to mention grumpy.  We didnt have a good start that morning.  We stopped in Oklahoma first and stretched and got a snack.  Oliver was a goof! He was running around everywhere.  At the rest stop there was a fence that you could see the highway traffic through.  He was so fascinated by it!
Then he decided that he needed to pose by one of the trees! Mind you Oliver is a year and a half. I did not coax him for any of these poses!

This little guy is my joy! Im so proud of him!! He did such a great job on such a long trip!
Anyway, Noah started giving me a hard time about taking pictures.  I told him that I would take as many pictures as I wanted!!! I havent been on vacation in a long time and this was a first for us as a family! So I WANTED PICTURES!!!!

Im still teaching Noah's mom to use our camera. I should of just used my tripod!  He looked so grumpy so when we got back in the van I took some more pictures of us!


I did alot of reading on the trip and Noah gave me the ack seat all to myself! He got to sit up front and be the navigator!
We saw one of the coolest casinos ever!! It was in the shape of Big Ben  and all kinds of different famous structures!!  There was France, Spain, and even Rome.  It was so neat.
We then made a pit stop at a Texas rest stop a couple hours later to stretch again.
In this one there were pamphlets for all kinds of attractions all over the state.  Oliver made sure he looked at single one of them!
Before we got back on the road I got some more pictures.

Arent we too cute!?!
We finally got to our first hotel and got ready and headed over to Buzzard Billy's.  It was ok, but not the best.  The setting was really cool.  But the food was overpriced and not the best.  When we got back to the hotel we went swimming.  Noah's mom jummped in fully clothed with Oliver.  He had a BLAST!
Until the next installation...

Im still here, just a little busy

We got back from vacation LATE Saturday night.  Ive been a bit busy getting back in the swing of things.  BUT! i have losts of pictures to share with you. I also finished a book while away and want to share my thoughts about that too! Ive got alot of things in the works. Please dont think I forgot about any of you! Also Noah has a birthday coming up on Sunday, he will be 25! HOLY COW!!!  Ive got a few things in my mind for that guy!  Anyway, I need to get back to work and I will fill you all in later.

Monday, August 9, 2010

So ready for tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the day! My little family get to venture out with Noah's family to the big state of Texas! Ive only ever been to Texas one other time for a church retreat thing...and we lived there for a short period of time when I was VERY little.  Im excited because we are going to hang out on the Riverwalk in San Antonio and stay in the Hilton!!  Then we are going to spend a day at Sea World! Im very anxious about this one because Im curious what Oliver's reaction is going to be.  Then on the last day we are going to spend the day at the beach I think in Galveston.  Im so stoked! I think Ive been to the ocean once but Im not entirely sure.  If I did it was again when I was REALLY little!

In preperation Ive made an activity board for little man.  I forgot to take pictures of making it but Im going to be making another so I will have to post the steps next time.  Ive been trying to come up with things for Oliver to do while driving.  This will be the farthest he's traveled aside from Salina.  I want to have a happy baby in Texas.  No one like a grumpy baby...unless they make cute faces...

Anyway, when we get back I will share all about the trip and some pictures!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I didnt buy...

Im not going to lie, I like to shop online.  I sit at work behind a computer all day and get bored expecially when I have no work that needs my attention! Online shopping also offers me a chance to browse without toting around a GINORMOUS toddler who I love very much!

But onto what Ive been not buying!  I love to buy things for around the house...but I really am I fan of cute clothes!!

I spent $274.50 on my load! Noah would flip his lid if I actually hit checkout!
Here a couple of the things that I "purchased"

These are just a few of the things that I would LOVE to have but the lovely economy prevents me to do so!   It was fun to go on a small shopping free with an unlimited bank account! Thanks Helena for letting us share our shopping carts!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love List 8/4/10

Love List

Being safe in a terribly un safe accident!
Shopping with Noah
Summer Dresses
Oliver in all of his Oli-ness
$10 earrings for $2
Minute Maid strawberry-kiwi juice
Waking up next to Noah
Drawing cartoon animals for Oliver*
Someone is interested in the house!

These are a few of the things Im loving right now. What is on your love list?

*We are headed to Texas next week. Im making Oliver a cookie sheet activity board ready with animal magnets drawn by yours truly and a side for a chalkboard! I will post it when Im done!

I wish I were in New York


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shopping and an Accident...

Our weekend was actually really good! I was hoping for an enjoyable couple of days with my little family and thats what I got for the most part. Noah had to close at work on Friday and Saturday...UGH!!! So Friday night, Oliver and I headed out West to do a little shopping for myself. Im about to walk right out of my flats that Ive had for 3 years! After 7 shops Oliver and I both were exhausted and cranky! Noah came home with WONDERFUL news! His dad heard the Gospel and was really questioning things about himself. we immediately got to our knees and prayed that God touch his life.

Saturday proved well. I got up early and headed out to get Lamars donuts and coffee for Noah before he had to go to work. I didnt get to go to the Y and run. But I did go and help a gal from work who needed some tree limbs hauled away to the landfill. Let me just say YUCK!!! I havent been to the dump in over 12 years! I dont miss it! After Oliver and I took a nap we went to the mall to give the shopping thing another try. This time we took a friend. I like shopping with friends much better than shopping alone! The trip was successful (minus the shoes)! I found two dresses that will be perfect for our upcoming trip to Texas.

Sunday was probably the most eventful! We got up and went to the early service at church. It was ALL worship! It was really nice to stand beside my love and sing to God for an hour. We had a showing that afternoon, meaning we had to get the house clean and get out of there. I was bored. Noah had a private lesson to take care of so I went to Fashion Bug to look for shoes again, no luck!
Later Noah and I went out shopping again. This time mostly for him. The boy needed some shorts SO SO SO bad! He found some but didnt get them. Well after a great afternoon with the man, we went back to his parents for some dinner. Afterwards we decided to make another trip back to Kohls to get the shorts he put back, this time with his mom and Oliver.

I had fun with Oliver and Noahs mom while he was tryig to find clothes. We finally got out of there and was headed home, when the worst part of the weekend happened. We got up on the highway and almost immediately was in an accident. A car had stalled out and another struck it from behind hard enough to make it spin. While spinning it struck us in the middle of stopping. None of us were hurt but the other three people involved were taken to the hospital. We think the front axle on our car is broken and the transmission is damaged but looking at it, you wouldnt think much happened to it.
I hope that the other two vehicles occupants are doing better. I pray that they heal quickly. I also pray that everything is sorted out as far as insurance is concerned in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than fretting over an accident months down the road.

We are all doing well, and are lucky that we werent hurt.
Thats how our weekend went, how was yours?


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty Proud of Myself!!

Ive gone from 162lbs to 158lbs! This is a joyous occassion! Ive been running everyday this week and not over eating-or for that matter not eating junk that I dont need! I told Noah last night that I want to set my goal for 115. That is a very healthy weight for someone of my size. That means Ive got to lose about 45lbs. That looks like such a scary number but Im going to take one pound at a time. Ive just gotten a bug to where I CANT STAND the way I look right now! I think thats whats finally kicked me in the butt to get motivated!

Ive also overcame a first! I went to the YMCA all by myself (except Oliver). For some reason I have a weird anxiety about going to the gym alone. I think people are staring at me. I know that they arent...there are much better looking people to look at, but I just have always felt that way. I think that may have also been my number one excuse to not go alone. Who knows! NOT ME! =) Anyway, I just wanted to share this accomplishment...Ive been seeing everywhere people are setting goals for themself and I really want to do that as well! Here is the first thing on my list then, Lose 45 punds in a year...(Im not sure if thats to much time or not enough(I will adjust it as need be)).

God Bless!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love List 7/28/10

Ive been kind of missing here recently. Weve had a lot of things going on around here...

Love List
My amazingly supportive husband
Adorable son
Getting in touch and hanging out with old friends!
Staying the night with my parents
Productive yard sales ( I sold my car!!!)
Hanging out with my sister for three days
Banana Bread!
This shirt

These are just a few of the things Im loving right now. What do you love?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Maggie McPeek

A dear old woman passed away July 9th in Oregon. SHe just recently made the move there, but I knew her from the First Baptist Church of Belle Plaine. Maggie was such a beautiful soul! I first met her in the church choir and have always held a special place in my heart for her!She was an alto just like me and she was impressed that I could harmonize so well. I told it was because I played violin and could just hear the notes. Turned out that choir wasnt the only other similarity that we shared. She played violin! We always planned on playing for church one day but it never happened. I really wish it would of.

Anyway, Maggie was victim of a brain tumor. The best part about the whole ordeal is that she wasnt in any pain. Thank God! I was unable to make it to the memorial service...OH how I wish I could of been there! I pray that her family knows that she is in a MUCH better place now. I pray that they have the strength to push forward. I want her family to know how much their Mother, sister, grand mother, great grandmother was loved and will be missed greatly!

Parents On Board...kind of

Actually weve only told my parents. We told them last night when we were out there. It was nice to let them in on our little secret. I told Noah that I wasnt going to be able to visit with them without saying anything. I felt that they would be MUCH more understanding of our decision. They are around the idea of missionaries much more than Noahs parents and wouldnt try to convince us that it would be a bad idea.

It was actually nice because my dad told us that they were at a point in their lives that if they were called they would go without a doubt. I love to hear that! Then we went to evening church with them in Belle Plaine and afterwards talked to Nathan Gunter the pastor. We told him what we were up to and also asked if there was any guidance he could give us. He listed off so much. Noah met him for lunch today and from what Noah says they had a great conversation. Noah felt very encouraged afterwards. Actually Nathan gave us some refrences and thats where Noah is now, hunting down some of those books. We are getting a clearer path.

Here recently Ive complained to Noah that I dont have many "good" friends. Let me explain...I have friends, friends that if I needed them would be there. BUT sometimes I feel like Im completely alone. Noah says that I dont reach out ot people like I used to. I kind of agree to that...although I would much rather not! So he is giving me a chance to make a new friend who is pretty similar, while also giving me a chance to minster to a young lady. (HA! I say young lady and she is BARELY younger than me!) I feel really old sometimes! Im kind of excited about meeting Cory (I havent learned how to spell her name yet). I always get nervous about meeting new people because I worry about them not liking me. SO! This is my plan: We are going to have Cory over for dinner one night. Im going to make her a pregnancy survival kit of things that I wish I would of had in the beginning. And who knows what after that!

Anyway, theres a lot going on. Next time Ill let you know what going on with the house.

If you have any suggestions about what to put in a pregnancy survival kit let me know!

God Bless

Thursday, July 15, 2010


The last couple of days have been so stressful, to the point that Ive been snapping and very cold to the ones that I love. Noah, my husband, deals with a lot on a daily basis. He watches our son during the day, works at Atwoods, teaches karate in the evenings, and also goes to school. I go to work and come home. If anyone should have stress, then it should be him! He has stress, but hes able to handle it with much grace. I on the other hand, do not! I can get frustrated to the point of Im full blown angry. Its something at I really need to work on because its not healthy!

I think some of the stress is a result of not knowing how long its going to take to sell our house. Alot of it is due to a lack of organization on our future plans (not our fault). The only reason I go to work is to make money to save up for the aformentioned plans. We have no money! All of our money right now goes to bills and our house payment. Im ready for everything to start taking its place.

I thought about this post earlier but I just cant think of what it was going to be. OH! COMPLETELY RANDOM TIDBIT! Noah got me a seat for my bike for Oliver! I have pictures and want to show them but the camera is in Noahs car right now. That little boy is adorable! We played in the water and soaked him! He learned how to squeeze the trigger to work the sprayer and LOVES it. He rode so well, Im so proud! He says ke-ke (kitty, kitty). Our little man is growing up so much!

God Bless
Take a minute to relax and de-stress!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love List 7/14/10

Love List

Our future plans for our little family
A SUPER clean house
Selling things on Craigslist
Spending some quality time with my sister
6 year old niece

These are a few things Im loving this week. What are you loving?

Wanting to know you Wens

Micaela over at Dolce Vita is wanting to know...

what time is it where you are?

what are you doing?

and describe how you're feeling at that very moment.

It is 8:19 am in Wichita, Ks

I am at work trying to get past the system failures.

Im feeling kind of snappy. Im really wanting to go home and start this day over. Noah and I got into a disagreement last night and has gone into today. Im trying figure out how to apologize.

Thanks Michaela for wanting to know whats going on. Ill be back later with my love list.

Friday, July 9, 2010

1st step in the right direction

So Noah met with our realtor this morning. I came home at lunch to find a for sale sign in the yard. It really struck home! I know that we are serious about wanting to move to so that we can save as much money as we possibly can to uproot and move to the green isles, but it made it a reality! So now the next step is to get the house sold and then decide whether or not to move to an apartment or back to the little house. The good thing about the apartment route is that we still have our boundaries in place with the inlaws, but we are still shelling out precious money that we could be saving for the move. The good thing about the little house is that its more or less free, with some exceptions. We would a ton more with living there. So now thats the dilemma.

On top of everything else...we havent even told our parents about our decisions. This should be interesting! Anyway, I need to jump off here so that I can make the house spotless! Our realtor is going to be showing the house THIS SUNDAY! Thats amazingly quick!

God Bless!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Since nobody else reads this...

I feel pretty safe sharing some things about my little family's upcoming future. We are moving to Ireland! I know what you are going to say..."sure you are" but really we are! We are meeting with the woman who helped us buy our house and going to putting it back on the market. There is no way that we can save the much needed money to completely uproot our family and start anew. With that said, we are looking into apartments and possibly even thinking about moving back into the little house that we dread! HOWEVER, with no rent and hardly any bills we will have saved enough money to go and check it out and then 6 months later make the huge move.

Noah and I have been doing a lot of research about moving to another country. There is alot involved but we are up for it! Ive wanted to travel ever since I can remember! Ive wanted to explore new lands and go places Ive only dreamed of! Now we are making that a reality! Noah has shared the same desire and we both came to the same conclusion. This means that we are going to have to basically sell everything and start fresh! We are simple people and dont need much anyways. I will share more of what we find out and how things develop.

So first things first,

Sell the house
get passports
save LOTS of money
make an exploratory trip
sell possessions
and much much more...

God Bless!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love List 7/7/10


Impromptu family gatherings
Paid days off
Drive-in with my boys
Saturday mornings
Noah's new haircut
How Oliver says bye
Cuddling with Noah
Watching movies with Noah
Reuniting with sisters

These are some of the things that I have loved the last two weeks!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love List 6/23/10

Love List

1. Bones (tv show)
2. My dad! Happy Father's Day!
3. not being sick
4. cuddling with Oliver
5. cuddling with Noah
6. being taken care of when Im sick
7. movies with a good friend!

These are a few things that Ive been loving this week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Night Out...and That is an Order!

So last night I was ordered to get out of the house. My husband is an amazing man, I wouldnt want anything more! Anyways, I called up a friend and we headed out to Oldtown. We went to see the movie Killers (Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel WONDERFUL movie! Just what one needs when they are blue. It was hilarious. Now when her and I go to movies we laugh. We laugh alot, especially when its a comedy (thats what you are supposed to do). Whenever we go we get glares and stares from eveyone! Last night was no different! This one dude after the movie stood up and was like there you are giggles and gigglet. HAHA!! It was gerat! Once the movie was over just about everyone stood up to find out who were the laughers.

So afterwards we went over to Lucinda's. I wish I had more money to spend soley in there! I love Lucinda's! Once we lived fantasies...we headed out and walked around Oldtown for a while! We seen this guy on a bike that had a 80's style boombox on the back of it...come and party ladies! No thanks!

Really it was a great night and to top it off, I got a call from my sister telling me that my grandpa and one of my aunts were in town from Texas. I was pretty excited and then I got to talk to my grandpa. He is a hoot! I dont remember ever talking to him on the was always my grandma Di. Now here is the question that I need to pose...Im sure I wont get a response, but for my sanity I need to pose it at least so that I can ask a real person and get real feedback.

How do I spend time with people that are staying with someone I desire not to have contact with? Is it polite to invite the guests and not the host?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

That blasted car!

Im so tired of my stinking Pontiac Bonneville. Its been a good car as far as getting to where I needed to go and places I need to be when Noah had other things to do. However, here recently its been unbelievably stubborn! It is HORRIBLE on gas. Its take nothing for it to guzzle a ten spot, and all I do is drive from work to home. If I go anywhere its usually with Noah.

When it rains, it pours. Im not sure where the actual leak is but its somewhere around where the winshield meets the top of the car. Its got a wet stain all around that area. I cannot take it to the carwash to clean it, because the window leaks...there is just a leaking problem. At some point I have started having transmission problems. It stalls and people look at me funny when Im at a green light still trying to get through the intersection. No joke, I seriously had a woman honk at me first thing in the morning because I wasnt going fast enough for her. Not the greatest way to start a morning. THEN! this morning I had to drive the car, because my truck had to get its 30 day tags and was un drivable! So after not driving the bonneville in over a week it got a turn. It ran really good considering...but I had to get gas before I got to work. When I was finished I went to leave and my shifter wouldnt get out of park...after banging on it a little it decided it would let me go to work. I just thought it was a one time thing...NOPE! At lunch I was headed home to pick up my truck! I couldnt get it to come out of park...AT ALL! Noah came to my rescue! He thought it was transmission off to quik trip we went! THAT DIDNT FIX IT!!

So I think its going to be spending the night at work tonight...Im trying so hard to convince Noah to jusnk it so we can get a little money out of it and pay off some bills. Isnt it funny that once you get bills paid off others pop up to take their place!?!

ANYWAY! As soon as I get off work its off to hang out with a friend and get some much needed time out. (Noah ordered me to go out) Its going to be a night of a movie (killers) and food and drink and then maybe even a little window shopping! I cannot wait to get paid tomorrow!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LOVE LIST 6/16/10

Love List

Falling asleep in Noah's arms
olivers giggles
Watching my boys sleep
Dancing with Oliver
Visits to Belle Plaine
Weeks that go by quickly
Our new truck

These are a few things Im loving right now!

LOVE LIST 6/9/10

Love List

Thunder & Lightning
Homemade Bread
Guessing how old a baby is with my sweetie
Watching my little man grow
My boys
Noah's face when he sits down at his piano
Vases =)

These are the things Im loving right now!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have you ever..

felt alone?

Im the farthest thing from alone. Ive got an amazing husband who would do anything for me. Im blessed to my son, who brings joy to my life continuously! When I say I feel alone, I mean with friendships. Ive made some wonderful friends since I graduated High School and got married. However, I really miss the ones that I had in high school.

The wonderful thing about this day and age is that we have all possibilities to stay in touch with people...Facebook, Twitter, Myspace...etc. I see all of my friends haInging out with the old crew and I kind of get jealous! I want to be there hanging out and catching up. Im not the greatest at putting forth much effort when they dont either...but I cant blame them. They grew up with the same bunch of people and I was just the newcomer. I thought I made a lasting impression, but I was so determined to get out of that small town as soon as possible. I dont know...

Then I see all of these people I know getting married and I feel like Im the last to know...I dont know...what happened to me? I used to be so outgoing...I didnt care about these things...I guess its me getting older and wanting those old friendships back...

Im done ranting.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Its been a while since Ive made the time to sit down and write! Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons because its the time that I want to go outside and enjoy myself. Now that Oliver is moving around and able to run around and play its even better! We've been busy with all the new activities! Softball started a couple of weeks ago. Im not as excited about it this year as I was last. I think a lot of it has to do with our team. Im not the biggest fan of our coach, hes taking this WAY to seriously! I just want to go out there and have some fun!

We have hit the lake and the swimming pool already! I hope to make it a regular part of our summer! Oliver wasnt to sure about the water at first but when we took him to the pool he was intrigued. He didnt know what to think of the beached patrons cooking themselves, he just stopped and stared.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

RIP Grandma Di

I remember sitting at a table and being asked if I would like some lucky charms. Fast forward like umpteen years later and having a telephone conversation that consisted of research. I needed to know what color eyes my family memebers had for a family tree we had to put together for 10th grade biology.
Grandma Diane was a wonderful person. This wonderful person passed away on Sunday [April 25, 2010], and will be greatly missed by many, many people. I truly wish I could say more about her, but Ive never really known her other than a couple brief encounters. Even though we've never had the pleasure of sitting down in front of each other and shared our stories I would like to think of her as a very caring, loving and beautiful person! The voice that I remember had a very thick Texas draw to it and you could hear her happiness to be speaking to one of her grandchildren, even if they were only her STEP grandchildren. I dont really think that mattered to her. She loved you regardless!

Please say a prayer for my family as they are going this most difficult loss. I wish I could of been there more and gotten to know her better, but I will get to meet her again one of these days when it's my turn.

I just pray that her family knows that she is in a better place and isn't suffering anymore. She just recently suffered from a stroke. Im not entirely sure of all the details surrounding her passing, mostly because my biological mom doesnt care to share information. That is an entirely different post that is coming later. I want my distant family to know that they are in my prayers.
Ive been trying to completely understand death recently, especially when 3 people that I know have died in the last month and a half. Im not afraid of death, because I know one day I will be united with my creator and get to spend eternity with Him. I think my not understanding comes from me just being selfish about wanting to keep them here with me. However, I know that the ones that Im losing right now are up there waiting on me, waiting to embrace me and catch up.

Anyway, God Bless!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going ons...

Im pretty sure in my last post I mentioned that we got to move in (ok, so I more than mentioned it!!) Wee the other day I was home sick (sore throat, migrane, and runny nose) and we got the call that we needed to be at the title company at 4 to FINALLY close!!! I am very proud to say that we are homeowners and no longer have to worry about the REAL owners lol! But for real, its pretty freaking awesome.

On that note, it also means that we are now responsible for EVERYTHING that needs to be fixed and anything else that involves our home. We already have had the pleasure of experiencing the water line to my washer leaking. Noah was trying to replace it yesterday and the stupid pipe snapped! (only where the shut off valve was) That meant a late night trip to Lowes yesterday. Im very lucky to have a pretty handy guy!

Also, Noah decided to start a project yesterday while I was at work. I got home and was greeted with part our yard hoed up! Literally! We had talked about making a part of our yard pretty and kind of decorative. I didnt realize that he was going to go ahead and do it yesterday! Oliver loved playing in all the overturned earth!

On a COMPLETELY serious side grandma died the other day. She is my real mom's step mom. Ive never really known her except when I was REAL little and a few phone conversations a few years back. I ask for prayers for my family and this tough time. She deserves her own post and that will come in the next few days.

God Bless!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally some good news!

Im oh so happy to report that we FINALLY moved into our new house! Noah and I can not be happier!!!!!! We havent been able to close yet because of some delays on the sellers side dealing with the title, BUT they were kind enough to let us go ahead and move in on Friday! I have so so so many feelings going on inside of me right now!!! I have to get things presentable for this weekend, Im hosting a jewelry party on Saturday to help my sister get her business up and running! So, it will give our friends and family a chance to come and check out our new home. I think on Sunday we will be having a family bbq at our house to break it in. Im really excited about it! It is all so beautiful. I couldnt be happier to finally own a home and be able to give my family something that we will cherish for at least the next 30 years (as long as our loan lol).

we have so much room to spread out and enjoy ourselves! Oliver already loves it. I think he just enjoys being able to run around outside of a small pin! There arent a whole lot of ways that he can hurt himself as easily!By the time we got home yesterday I was exhausted; Oliver was still running from room to room with dad's black belt in tow until about 10. He is so full of energy!

I have some pictures that I want to post so I will update you with those afterwhile. We should be getting our internet hooked back up here real soon, so until then...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

You thought I was gonna come on here and talk about my frustrations about our house situation...didnt you? Well you are good! Im too predictable.
Anyway, Ive talked to our processor and she told me that we would close no later than Thursday and I get an email this morning saying that we are more than likely not closing on the house today. Im a little frustrated about it because Ive been told day by day, "Tomorrow is the day". I understand that things come up but PLEASE dont make a promise to me saying that "yea for sure we are closing tomorrow". I get my hopes and feel depressed...ok maybe depressed is too harsh of a word, but you get my drift.

I feel like Im turning into a broken record. The first thing I do in the morning any more is send an email directly to our processor, checking in. I shouldnt have to check in, they should be checking in with me on a regular business. That is their job. BUT I guess Im paranoid because Ive never bought a house and would like to know whats going on.

I guess thats enough of my ranting.

On a brighter note: Im making flowers!!! I made a daffodil last night! I need to take some pictures of all the flowers that Ive made. They are so cute! I started doing it because I seen NUMEROUS blogs that were talking about recycling, reducing, and reusing. Flowers out of pop bottles were everywhere! I wanted to make some myself so I could decorate our foyer with them at the new house. Im really excited about them!!!!

Im sad to report that I havent been cooking very much here recently. I kind of got into a rut and not to mention have been anticipating on the move that haev been getting things in order to pack up and move. SO! really not a whole lot going on.

I know Ive got so many things to say and add upon, but at the moment I need to call the processor and figure out whats going on with why we arent in the house yet!!
God Bless!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

House Update

I really wish that I could tell you that we closed on the house, but Firday came and gone and we are still next door to the inlaws. SO! after a huge blowup and a good nap and a much needed conversation with the processor of our file we are now hoping and planning on closing tomorrow [4/14].

I took the entire day off so that we could get things packed and ready to start moving as soon as we got the keys in our hands. I was getting super anxious and excited! I found out that you need a current drivers license to finish up the closing (I didnt have one). SO! I made a hhurried run (drive) down to the DMV. I got there at 11:30 am and we were to close at 2pm. I was at the DMV for two whole hours. While standing in that line I saw SO many characters. There was seriously a woman there who was in a formal dress!!!! I really wish I was making it up but Im not!

ANYWAY so I finally got out of the DMV and headed home to meet Noah and then head to the title company to sign the papers and get the keys. We were getting ready to leave and got a call from our realtor and she informed me that we would not be closing because of some hiccups on their part. There have been A LOT of hiccups but that is an entirely different post. Our realtor headed our way to have us sign an extension and to talk about the situation. I WAS SO PISSED!!! Even that is an understatement! I didnt want to talk to anyone, even Noah.
After a good nap and finally! talking to the processor I started to feel a little better...mostly because I FINALLY got to express how mistreated I think we have been.

SO! the latest news is that its slightly possible that we close tomorrow but if not tomorrow it will be Thursday! Im praying that the apraisor gets back with her first thing in the morning so that we can close tomorrow! I would almost rather close on Friday so that we have all weekend, BUT! beggars cant be choosers!

Hopefully the next time you hear from me we will be closing!

PS!!! I want to kind of change things up on here. I want to let you know more of whats going on. I want to show more of my inspirations and projects...and just stuff like that. We'll see how that goes but for now enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Closer

What are you going to be doing at 2pm tomorrow? Noah and I will be closing on our very first home! The best way to put how excited we are is to say that we are...overwhelmed, excited, scared, and anxious.


We have to pack up what little amount of things we have the current house. Most of OUR stuff is in storage, because we knew that we would be moving out again very soon. As soon as finances would allow us we would be gone! We have to take all of our already boxed up things from storage and move it to the garage of OUR house! Its so exciting to say that...OUR HOUSE!


We will have our own space to do what we want with!!! We have been wanting to do so much with OUR space, but its been hard because it wasnt our place. We live with his mom and dad in their extra little house. Weve been extremely greatful for their generosity. BUT its time for us to move on and start our lives the way we want. We are excited because we all (including Oliver) will have our own space to play and grow. There are endless possibilities for what we can do with it! Im mostly excited because I can decorate the way I desire! I get to include my amazing switchplate that you can get from Funkychickendesign on

by the way i JUST learned how to make the hyperlink in this post!!

Now back to the regular programming...


Im not sure how Noah feels on this but for me I am a little scared. BUT in my defense when it comes to HUGE life changing purchases like this Im always scared. Im scared because I worry about all of a sudden not having the money, unexpected medical bills, or whatever unexpeced bills that is. It is a HUGE responsibility! Ive seen my parents struggle and it scares me! I know that I just have to rely on on God and he will see us through!!


Well that goes without saying! I started packing Wednesday night when I found out! I only got two boxes packed...but that goes back to being overwhelmed and not to mention (again) that we have so little to pack up that is with us. Im ready to get in and unpack and put things where we want them! Im ready for this day to be over so that I can get off work and get home to pack up for a long day tomorrow!!!

I will let you all know what happens tomorrow probably once I get the keys in my hands! SO in short could you a little prayer for us about 2pm that everything goes smoothly!
God Bless!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dont mess with me!

This is what I want to say to the man who is controlling the fate of us moving in next week. Ive been very kind to this man and helpful in every way that I could be, but when you start dodging my calls and do not return them we have issues. The man will not even talk to my realtor.

The thing that bothers me most about the whole situation is that we "close" next Friday. Can we say "cutting it close". I want to scream!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A very busy week...

This last week has been full of ups and downs! The week started in the pits, but with amazing support from my husband and some amazing friends, it was bearable! Im not entirely sure how I made it through work on Monday, since the next day Noah and I were making a three hour journey to Paola/Osawatomie, Kansas. A dear friend of mine passed away and I felt that I needed to be up there to say see ya later. I only knew from previous meetings ONE other person up there. BUT Noah and I were blessed to be welcomed into the home of my friends "brother"and his family! They were amazing! We stayed up most of that night into the wee hours of the next morning talking about our friend and cheering each other up. It was wonderfully encouraging! Somehow it ended up with "genitals, genitals, genetalia" and "charlie, lets go to candy mountain, charlie." Ive never cried at a funeral as much as did this one, (1 Ive only been to 2 others and (2 this one hit a lot closer to home! I truly wish I could of talked to him before all of this, but it is what it is. One of the things that truly touched my heart while I was up there, was that nobody knew me from anyone, but when I was introduced to the family they replied " Shauna, from Wichita?" My heart glowed so brightly that my friend held me so dear! I was lucky enough that his mom had found some letters that I had wrote him back in 2004.
On the way home, this experience led me to reach out to another friend who is in similar situations. I called him, and it was a teary conversation. I basically told him that I wanted to know that I would meet him again once our time on this earth is finished. This last week has made me realize how precious relationships are no matter how minute they are. I want to make sure that the people around me know that I love them!

On another note, the rest of the week I was on vacation. I loved every moment of it! I got to spend some time with some great friends who needed face time! I got to semi reconnect with my sister, and enjoy an amazing blueberry breakfast with an equally amazing person! Noah on the other hand went out and got our dinner! That was quite a treat! Noah was so proud of his pheasant dinner! I was so blessed to have so much time with my little boy. He amazes me everyday! He is so full of wonder and intrigue. There were so many other things that happened over the week but thats just it, there was so much to write it all down!

Monday, March 22, 2010

See you later, friend...

I woke up yesterday feeling a little better than I did the day before. I was crampy and just feeling like crap. I was excited because it was another day and I got to spend a little bit of alone time with my baby. Dad was off with a friend looking at games. That's when I got the news.

Facebook can be an amazing thing. It gets information to people very quickly and enables others to connect with friends. It can also inform you of when a good friend dies. I logged onto facebook and noticed that I had a new friend request. I checked it and it was some guy I had never met, nor did I know why he wanted to be my friend. I looked at his page and realized that he was the roommate of a really good friend of mine. I accepted. I read his status and it said something about visitation times for his brother (my friend). I didnt understand what this meant and tried to find out what was going on. I thought maybe he had been hurt or something because he was still updating his profile. His friend IM's me and says that I need to call him right away because what he has to tell me is not something that needs to be said over the computer.
I still did not know what to think. He answered the phone and commenced to tell me that my really good friend had hung himself. I told him that this is a really sick joke. He's not dead...he keeps updating his facebook. Those updates are updating themselves. My friend that I just talked to a couple of weeks ago is no longer with us, I cant ever speak to him again. I wont be recieving any more emails or letters or phone calls from him telling me of his recent adventures.
MY HEART SUNK!!! I cried hysterically!
Ive only attended 2 other funerals in my 22 years of life. One was of a wonderful old man of my church who I was close to. That was soemthing very hard to deal with. The other was a classmate who was younger than me and was battling for her life, my sister was more emotional about that one.
For me this was a person who I was fairly close with. No, I didnt see him on a regular basis, he lived in Osawatomie and I live in Wichita. Thats a 3 hour difference. We talked fairly regularly. He was there if I needed him and I was there for him. We met in 2004 at Super Summer (church summer camp). We got paired up on the same team and from that moment on we were unseperable. I had a boyfriend at the time, and my friends were all paranoid. What is the deal with a guy and girl being just friends?? I would find out many years later that he had a SUPER crush on me. He was always my friend. I never really looked at him more than that, just someone that I could always turn to if I needed to talk to someone. He just got back from traveling the Untied States and his Spirit Quest. We were planning on him coming to visit my family and to tell us his stories. I was looking forward to this summer greatly!

He has been dealing with depression for sometime now. I never thought it was as extreme as this but I knew he was lonely and thought alot of things were his fault but I NEVER thought he would do anything like this. He is the guy who would try and keep me in line if my faith was faltering. Hes the one who told me I need to watch my mouth if I said something not so nice. I really hope that I reached out to him enough in his last days. I hope I meet him again once my time on this earth is over. I want to see my friend again and I want to hear about his travels.

Tomorrow I travel to Paola, Kansas to say see you later. I will finally meet his family and tell them how much he meant to me, and how lucky they were to have him as a son, brother, dad. Im excited to meet his group and help them through this rough time as they are me. SO! for all of you out there whether you believein God or not, could you please say a prayer for him and his family or just send some good juju that way.

I love you my friend and I will miss you greatly! You will always be in my heart and I will think of you fondly and often! Save a seat next to you for when I come home!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Roeder v. Tiller

I have not been following ANYTHING when it comes to Roeder and the Tiller situation. Im so sick and tired of hearing either man's name. I feel bad that a family regardless of who they are is having to suffer the loss of a loved one however horrible said person was. I dont think it was right of Roeder to take it upon himself and take the life of Tiller. I think it should of been left the courts on how to handle Tiller. I belive that it was a matter of time until Tiller was through.
If you couldn't tell, I did not like George Tiller; also that I am Pro-Life. I think that he was a horrible man. I think it is VERY wrong for someone to terminate a life regardless if that mother wanted it or not. There are couples out there who CANNOT have children on their own and depend on adoption. People always talk about how inhumane this or that is, but when it comes to a HUMAN life they think nothing of it. That fetus is alive at the time of conception, and for you kill it right then or in the third trimester like Tiller did, what makes him so different than Roeder. Im not saying that Roeder was right in what he did, I think murder is wrong no matter who does it. But being a mother and having gone through pregnancy I CANNOT imagine someone taking that life away from me. I didnt enjoy being sick all the time but not once did I think that I would just give in and destroy that life. I LOVED feeling my baby kick and move. I felt so much compassion and love for someone that I had never met.

My condolences go out to the Tiller Family for their loss of a father, husband, and grandfather, but that is as far as it goes. I feel better that his women's clinic is shut down for good!