Monday, March 29, 2010

A very busy week...

This last week has been full of ups and downs! The week started in the pits, but with amazing support from my husband and some amazing friends, it was bearable! Im not entirely sure how I made it through work on Monday, since the next day Noah and I were making a three hour journey to Paola/Osawatomie, Kansas. A dear friend of mine passed away and I felt that I needed to be up there to say see ya later. I only knew from previous meetings ONE other person up there. BUT Noah and I were blessed to be welcomed into the home of my friends "brother"and his family! They were amazing! We stayed up most of that night into the wee hours of the next morning talking about our friend and cheering each other up. It was wonderfully encouraging! Somehow it ended up with "genitals, genitals, genetalia" and "charlie, lets go to candy mountain, charlie." Ive never cried at a funeral as much as did this one, (1 Ive only been to 2 others and (2 this one hit a lot closer to home! I truly wish I could of talked to him before all of this, but it is what it is. One of the things that truly touched my heart while I was up there, was that nobody knew me from anyone, but when I was introduced to the family they replied " Shauna, from Wichita?" My heart glowed so brightly that my friend held me so dear! I was lucky enough that his mom had found some letters that I had wrote him back in 2004.
On the way home, this experience led me to reach out to another friend who is in similar situations. I called him, and it was a teary conversation. I basically told him that I wanted to know that I would meet him again once our time on this earth is finished. This last week has made me realize how precious relationships are no matter how minute they are. I want to make sure that the people around me know that I love them!

On another note, the rest of the week I was on vacation. I loved every moment of it! I got to spend some time with some great friends who needed face time! I got to semi reconnect with my sister, and enjoy an amazing blueberry breakfast with an equally amazing person! Noah on the other hand went out and got our dinner! That was quite a treat! Noah was so proud of his pheasant dinner! I was so blessed to have so much time with my little boy. He amazes me everyday! He is so full of wonder and intrigue. There were so many other things that happened over the week but thats just it, there was so much to write it all down!

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