Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unwelcome Birthday Wishes

I had such a wonderful birthday the other day[11/9]! Other than the weather it was great! Noah surprised me by having our friends meet us for dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it was a blast. I m so glad to have these new people in our lives. I talked to dad and Judy (step mom) Monday night. My dad is amazing. Weve had our differences but these last few years things have really changed. Our relationship has strengthened. There was a time when I HATED my dad, did not want anything to do with him at all. I had my mom and thats all I needed.

Last night[11/10] my mom called me. In eleven years Ive only seen her once and talked to her twice. The first was when my middle sister ran away and we thought she had her. She said she didnt and it was a lie. The last time was when my great grandma (her grandma) was in the hospital. I couldnt really avoid her then. But after eleven years she tried to pick up right where we left off. Im 22 years old. I knew her when I was 10 years old. She is a perfect stranger. Never once in eleven years has she called to wish me a Happy Birthday or ANYTHING! All of a sudden, she calls? I really think she called so that she could "try" to patch up things between us, so that MAYBE she would be able to see her grandson.

My parents divorced in 1998. It was the best thing that could have EVER happened. My mom was/is a cheat. She taught us girls to lie. She thought of only herself, and so many other things. I finally realized that my dad wasnt the bad guy. He was actually the one who took care of us. He was an alcoholic but us girls ALWAYS came first! NO MATTER WHAT!!! I put up with enough of my moms Bs in ten years to last me a lifetime.

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