Friday, November 6, 2009

Judgment House 2009

Judgment House ended last Sunday and I kind of miss it but then again Ive enjoyed being able to stay home and not have to be anywhere! Although, come next year Im sure Noah and I both will be the first ones to sign up to be apart of an amazing ministry!

Ive walked through Judgment House numerous times and was always touched by it in one way or another. I got to watch one of my really good friends at the time be saved. It changes when YOU are on the other side of the fence in Hell. It was incredible to watch the faces of the people walking through. There were MANY people who seriously, no joke, would literally laugh in my face. On the flip side, I got to see MANY people cower, cover their faces, scream, and jump. I got see the repercussions of all the other scenes. I got to see how suicide affects many people.

It affected me and I was a demon in the scene. Its unbelieveable to feel the power of God working in a world where it is quite apparent that Satan is at work in a strong way. It made me very happy to see so many young kids give up their nights to such a great cause. I am so blessed to have met and be able to call them friends!

There was a time when I was beyond fired up for God and Church. I was a youth leader for my youth group. If something was coming up I knew about it. Around my senior year I started falling away, and it wasnt until I moved out on my own when I fell under the wagon and let everything tear me down and enjoy the ways of the world. Im not proud of it and its taken me a long time to even start going to church regularly again. Noah has had a big part of that in my life. Its bothered me that I couldnt sit there and have a conversation about God and Religion...its getting better, but its not where it needs to be yet. I feel that Ive found my place. I feel like Ive come full circle. That does not mean Im perfect, by no means am I...ask ANYONE!!! But I feel that Im on the rise from a once very dark part of my life. It took two weeks of being in hell to realize that I have it pretty good compared to some.

***I feel so blessed to have been apart of something so amazing. In a matter of 10 days! there were over 1500 savlations. Thats not even including rededications.

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