Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do whatever your heart desires...

I work at Kansas Gas Service and make decent money. I am providing insurance amongst other benefits for my family. Noah runs his own karate school with his dad...Im sure you've seen the tweets about the school. ANYWAYS...Noah wants to be a youth pastor more than anything...He feels that he is called by God to do so. I truly believe he is because everything else that he was "passionate" about always fell through. He wanted to be a firefighter, firefighting is not what it used to be. He wanted to be a police officer, they didnt see his potential, that or he wasnt in a skirt. Whichever the case, thir loss! I love my husband more than anything. He is the most ambitious person I have ever met in my life, and I love it because it makes me want to so much more with my life. He wants to completely enrich his life.
He feels horrible about not providing for his family. This is where I interject. "You are providing!" Noah takes care of our one year old son, Oliver. Any of you out there with children know that taking care of children is a full time job! Noah just recently worked at Target making minimum wage. It bothered him. He is now enrolled at Tabor college and is going through an accelerated bachelors program. It takes a lot of concentration and focus. With him working and then trying to go to school one night a week, run the karate school, and take care of Oliver, I was worried that his schoolwork would fall by the wayside. After 3 months of employement Target terminated him because his job was "seasonal". He was torn up over it because he actually enjoyed it! I told him it was God's way of telling him that he needed to start getting focused on the semster ahead. He needed one less thing to have to worry about.

Noah had heis first class last week and LOVED it!!!! I dont think I could put enough exclamation marks to express how much he LOVED it!!! This is what he is most passionate about, and ANYONE could see it on his face. He could go on for days about it. Trust me, you arent married to him =). Regardless, you would think his parents supported him in his decisions. However, every chance they get they are continually putting it down, saying its not worth his time and that he couldnt support his family with that. Im sorry money is not important. Of course, I would love to have more money to pay off our bills completely but, it wouldnt be what God wanted for us. Noah's mom of all people I would EXPECT to feed him with approving remarks. On a continuous basis she tells us that we need to have better Christian attitudes or whatever, and yet she judges what her son wants to do and its something that he is very passionate about!
I think Im the most frustrated about it today because she decided to call me first thing this morning and trying to convince me that I needed to talk to Noah and basically talk some sense into him. She didnt have much to say after I told her that I dont agree with her. I support Noah in what he is wanting to do. I support him in WHATEVER his heart desires. I love him enough to let him persue his dream.
Dont get me wrong, his parents love him DEARLY! and would do anything to help him out! However, they do tend to tell him that he NEEDS to be doing this instead of that. He is a grown man will make his own decisions with his WIFE! I feel better now. I just really want to live our lives our way and not theirs. They will of course ALWAYS have advice, but we should have the coice to take it or not and not be punished for it.
God Bless!!

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