Friday, January 29, 2010

Roeder v. Tiller

I have not been following ANYTHING when it comes to Roeder and the Tiller situation. Im so sick and tired of hearing either man's name. I feel bad that a family regardless of who they are is having to suffer the loss of a loved one however horrible said person was. I dont think it was right of Roeder to take it upon himself and take the life of Tiller. I think it should of been left the courts on how to handle Tiller. I belive that it was a matter of time until Tiller was through.
If you couldn't tell, I did not like George Tiller; also that I am Pro-Life. I think that he was a horrible man. I think it is VERY wrong for someone to terminate a life regardless if that mother wanted it or not. There are couples out there who CANNOT have children on their own and depend on adoption. People always talk about how inhumane this or that is, but when it comes to a HUMAN life they think nothing of it. That fetus is alive at the time of conception, and for you kill it right then or in the third trimester like Tiller did, what makes him so different than Roeder. Im not saying that Roeder was right in what he did, I think murder is wrong no matter who does it. But being a mother and having gone through pregnancy I CANNOT imagine someone taking that life away from me. I didnt enjoy being sick all the time but not once did I think that I would just give in and destroy that life. I LOVED feeling my baby kick and move. I felt so much compassion and love for someone that I had never met.

My condolences go out to the Tiller Family for their loss of a father, husband, and grandfather, but that is as far as it goes. I feel better that his women's clinic is shut down for good!

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