Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wishlist 2010

Noah and I were talking the other day about what we were doing for gifts for our families...We try and get practical gifts, things that they need.  How many little trinkets does one person need to clutter up their shelves?  Granted I love little trinkets at times! Anyways, that got us to thinking about what each other may have on their lists for Santa. 

There are some AMAZING dishes at target!  When we moved the last time we just left our mismatched dishes and planned on buying new ones that all matched.  Since then weve been using the and white ruffly ones my great grandmother left me.

Carpet in our house!! I think wood floors are very pretty, however they do not offer much warmth in the winter!

That is paper!
How gorgeous is this!?! I always love something pretty for my walls!

When we thought we were gonna sell our house I sold my huge jewelry armoire.  I kind of need something to put my necklaces on...enters this gorgeous holder

I need a new bible.  When Noah and I got together I lost mine somewhere and havent had one of my own since. :(

Some of these things are pretty far fetched...but its fun to dream! Some of the things I know that we will eventually get them....*coughcoughcarpetcoughcough*

So what kind of things are you hoping for?

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