Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What do Santa and Guns have in common? NOTHING

We had such a great weekend! There was some Santa, some guns, hunting, and NOTHING.

Friday night we rounded up Oliver and Noah's sisters to go see a neighborhood santa.  Santa's daughter is a friend of my mom's.  This house is GORGEOUS!!! I wish my camera was working a little better so I could of taken pictures of it! It had as many lights inside as there were outside.  And trust me! There were TONS of lights outside.  Oliver wanted nothing to do with Mrs. Claus, but he ran right over to Santa!

Geeze I love that little guy! Although he really isnt all that little.:)  He really enjoyed himself, running down the driveway touching just about every single light! He is just so curious and adventurous!  We are so lucky to have this little boy!! oliver got to stay the night with Grandma and Grandpa out in Belle Plaine that night so that Noah and I could go to the Foodbank in the morning to volunteer with my job. 

I love to volunteer! Ive worked at the Foodbank for the last two years and it is always such a blessing to go in and pack those boxes for those that dont have enough food.  Yes, my back will hurt after a while but I know that Im doing it for something much greater!
We headed out to Belle Plaine to visit my parents and also to pick up Oliver.  We planned on staying out there most of the day so Noah could go hunting with my dad and uncle.  My sister and her boyfriend showed up out there so they could visit with all of the littles.  All of us except my mom, my neice, and my nephew went out to the back 40 and watched the guys get ready for the hunt, checked out the latest kill, and did a little target practice! Ive never in my life ever shot a gun (if you dont count water and BB guns).  I told my dad that I really wanted to do it!! I didnt think I was going to get to because was being a little stinker!  When I came back out my sister was still shooting, so I hadnt missed my chance!  My dad thought I had shot before. NOPE! So he gave me some pointers and let me loose.  I was the shortest one out there excluding Oliver, so the tripod was too tall for me :(
Once I shot, it didnt kick back as much as I had expected but that didnt stop it from surprising me!
the moment I shot...
me: shit!!
dad: she said shit! *giggle*
He couldnt stop laughing!

The boys

My dad telling me what to do

ME!! Shooting a gun!!!

My little crew
 While the boys went to be cavemen, us girls made snowflakes.  I forgot to take pictures because I was too busy folding coffee filters for my neice and then monitoring how much glue she put on them! OY VEY! That girl is something else let me tell you!
Sunday was a day of NOTHING! It was so nice to enjoy a very lazy Sunday. 

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