Monday, October 5, 2009

Time Apart

Noah and I were married two years ago on the 29th of September, and in that two years we've had so many arguments and fights, but I've never stopped loving him. We had a great evening, but at some point in our evening he asked me if I thought we would make it another year or even the ten. I was joking with him and said "Nah, Im drawing up the papers tomorrow" I was DEFINITELY joking. It made him worry, because he was actually being serious.
Of course we are going to make it another ten years. When I stood up there in front of all those people I meant EVERY word I said! "I will love you until the day I die. I will be yours and you will be mine." At times we get on each others nerves, but that's going to happen.

Saturday night I went to an unexpected wedding of a semi distant relative on Noah's side. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! The thing that really caught my eye and thoughts was the vows. I love going to weddings and listening to the promises that the bride and groom make to one another! Sitting there it made me realize how much better I need to do. I love Noah with all of my heart, and I hate to think that I actually did or didnt do something that made him question how long we will be together. I never want him to question it.

Noah left for karate training butt-crack early Satrurday morning, and wont be back until Thursday sometime. This time apart has made me realize how much I need him in my life everyday! I want us to be closer and everything imaginable. I have never taken him for advantage, but what he does (watch Oliver) I have taken for granted. I had to get up so much earlier than I normally do when he is at home, just so that I could take Oliver to the grandparents house. I miss Noah, and Ive learned that I need him to love me forever!

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