Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Dandelion

I was telling Noah the other day about my new love of dandelions, after I had overloaded his inbox with beautiful pictures!  He brought home a piece of paper with a awesome story.

Growing straight and upward to the sky,
It reflects golden rays of the sun.
I contemplate "Lord so would I--
Thy work to be done."
Dandelions are just common weeds
With many-rayed yellow flowers.
To prcreate, they become white billows of seeds
And to spread far and wide for long hours.

"Lord, dont let me be a rose--not I!
Though beautiful and fragrant,
A rose will easily wilt and die
When the storms of life run rampant.
Underneath a rose are thorsn to hurt
And prick and tear.
Disguised by aromatci beauty.
Like the tempter's snare.
Let me be a dandelion! Difficult to defeat!
Withstanding every storm and heavy,
Stomping feet."

A dandelion is a token of love,
When plucked by a child
And given to a mother--
Who doesnt care that it grew wild.
She sees it as a symbol of her little one,
Growing upward to the sky,
Reflecting golden rays of the Son!
"Lord, let him grw in wisdom and stature,
And in favour with God and man.
And when I see a dandelion, Ill know --
As it does grow--He can!

Ive never quite looked at a dandelion that dad would be upset if us girls spread their seeds because it was putting new weeds in his yard.  It brings a smile to my face reading this...because the beautiful things we see in this world are just that and nothing more...but the things most see as ugly or "weeds" is we should strive to be!
So, which are you?

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