Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have two biological sisters (A&H), one half siste (U)r and a step sister (K).  Im the oldest of my two and younger than my other two sisters.  U is the daughter of my bio mom and K is the daughter of my step mom.   Ive only met U once and Ive reconnected with her here in the last few years we are trying to build a relationship.  However, the other three Ive had relationships with.  The more  I think about the subject the more I wonder if A, H and K are meant to have a relationship.  

I was a mother figure to A and H for a while because when my parents divorced we lived with my mom for a while and she was nothing of a mother.  That was when I was 10! They kind of resented me because of the position I was put in.  Weve had a very strained relationship for as long as I can remember.  At so many points in time I think weve just given up on each other.  I want a normal sister relationship with all of them but we are all SO different.  Out of A, H K and myself there is always a fight or argument going on.  Its so stressful! A doesnt like K or H is fighting with A or Im fighting with wichever.  I know this has to sound like ramblings, and Im really not sure how best to put it.
Maybe one day it will be a normal situation...I guess one can only hope...
I want to be apart of their lives but who knows if that will happen.  UGH!! Anyways I guess its time to get off that topic...because Im not sure how else to address it. 

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  1. Families always come with their drama :) But remember how lucky you are to have them all in your life!