Friday, March 25, 2011

Going ons...

Im sorry for being a debbie downer in my last post...Ive had so many emotions running around in my head, Physical loss, mental loss...just a neverending flow of sad and depressing emotions...BUT on a happier note Ive decided that I cant allow everything to get me down. I have to make a concious effort to stay positive. Ive got so many things to be positive about...
An amazing husband!
A handsome son!
(sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures)
Just an all around good life...
In effort to put forth a better attitude, I made another goal list that is going to be a little more attainable. Because right now a trip to other countries are a tad bit undoable at the moment...
Instead little things that are going to give us things to talk and reminisce about later in life...
I took a page out of Kate's book and started a 101 in 1001 days list. is a website that keeps it all together and connects people from all over the world and shows what kind of goals they have accomplished.  Its actually pretty awesome!

My little family gets to go and visit with some of my old high school friends...I cant believe its only been 5 years! Im really not sure what else weve got up the old sleeves but I know that we finally get to use some of our tax money to get a new wahser and dryer!! OH HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!
What are you doing with your tax money?
Heres to a great weekend!


  1. Your little boy is just adorable! I just wanted to share that we too will be using part of our tax money to get a washer and a dryer. I'm excited to be getting a new set, but I could think of much more FUN things to spend that $$ on. Oh well. At least we will continue to have clean clothes. Maybe we will spring for a model that comes in a fun color. I'm thinking red!

  2. OH me too!!! Like a trip or just fun stuff! BUT our home is an investment and we want to make it comfortable for us. BUT Im tired of the rusty hunk of junk that we have now! I love the red ones!