Monday, April 4, 2011

Day of Fools

I LOVE April 1st! I love to pull pranks on people! Now let me clarify...I dont do crude, horrible jokes...I mostly just mess with your technology. Little harmless pranks.
Friday morning I ran around while some of my coworkers were in their daily meeting and slipped a little piece of paper and tape over their laser mouse.  The cursor will not move when its like this! Turns out one of the gals got blamed for most of my shenanigans.  SO I had to go and set the record straight.  Most people were so surprised when they found out it was me that they didnt believe me when I flat out said..."yea it was me".
Some of the best reactions of the day were a guy trying to wiggle his mouse VIOLENTLY and then banging it on the desk (like that really works).  And then I taped down his hang up button on his phone so that when he would answer the ringing telephone it would continue to ring! I had the greatest laugh at all of this...I dont think Ive laughed so hard in a while! 

I wanted to come up a really good prank to pull on Noah, but there was nothing really that came to mind...:(

SO for those of you that dont like the day of fools be glad you dont work with me... ;)


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  2. Im not sure what you mean by following up. Lot me know what you mean and Id be glad to oblige.