Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Really Am Here!

OY VAY!!! Im so sorry that I havent been around! The family and I have had WAY too many things a happening here lately! Ive needed to spend much more time loving my husband and my son! We've had to endure one too many funerals, Thank God though for them knowing Him!

Anyways, Im working on making a come back :)
The goal is start writing again more often....Ive missed having this outlet....
So as for today, It's my birthday!!! Sadly I have to still be at work! BUT my amazing husband threw me a surprise party this weekend with all our friends and family! It was a fantastic day. I got to spend the afternoon with one of my greatest friends doing our favorite thing....SHOPPING!!  We were getting ready for our race the next day. I kept thinking that I should probably start heading home, because I hadnt spent much time with Noah.  We were planning on going to On th Border for dinner and hitting a couple DAV's to look for plates for Thanksgiving.  Well, my mother in law KEPT calling me.  It was starting to irritate me, like what in the world could you possbily want this bad. But then I thought maybe something is wrong....I better answer it.  NOPE! She had to find out where I was, what I was doing, if Oliver could stay the night...I dont know how many times she asked where I was...but it turns out it was for a good reason!

It was a great party! There was good food, good people, just fun! NOT TO MENTION I got to sit and actually visit with another one of my greatest friends EVER!

So me and the gal who took me hostage so that Noah could the party together, we ran in the Inspire Hope run on Sunday! I have never ran any kind of race EVER! I wasnt completely prepared but I told Ravienne that I wanted to do it or I would probably never do it! Im so proud of myself! I made a goal list and on that list I wrote run a 5k.  This race was an 8k! AND! we both finished in 59:18!!!!! I ran 4.8 miles in less than an hour!! I also need to add that Ravienne and I joined Team Sparkle! We got our butts out there and ran with our Sparkle Skirts! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!  Once we finished Noah surprised us by signing up for the mile run! He ran the mile in 7:13!! I was so proud of him because he hasnt ran in so long due to ankle injuries!  So all in all it was a fantastic weekend! Once I upload the pictures Ill be sure to get some over here!

Ill be back!!!

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