Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally some good news!

Im oh so happy to report that we FINALLY moved into our new house! Noah and I can not be happier!!!!!! We havent been able to close yet because of some delays on the sellers side dealing with the title, BUT they were kind enough to let us go ahead and move in on Friday! I have so so so many feelings going on inside of me right now!!! I have to get things presentable for this weekend, Im hosting a jewelry party on Saturday to help my sister get her business up and running! So, it will give our friends and family a chance to come and check out our new home. I think on Sunday we will be having a family bbq at our house to break it in. Im really excited about it! It is all so beautiful. I couldnt be happier to finally own a home and be able to give my family something that we will cherish for at least the next 30 years (as long as our loan lol).

we have so much room to spread out and enjoy ourselves! Oliver already loves it. I think he just enjoys being able to run around outside of a small pin! There arent a whole lot of ways that he can hurt himself as easily!By the time we got home yesterday I was exhausted; Oliver was still running from room to room with dad's black belt in tow until about 10. He is so full of energy!

I have some pictures that I want to post so I will update you with those afterwhile. We should be getting our internet hooked back up here real soon, so until then...

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