Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

You thought I was gonna come on here and talk about my frustrations about our house situation...didnt you? Well you are good! Im too predictable.
Anyway, Ive talked to our processor and she told me that we would close no later than Thursday and I get an email this morning saying that we are more than likely not closing on the house today. Im a little frustrated about it because Ive been told day by day, "Tomorrow is the day". I understand that things come up but PLEASE dont make a promise to me saying that "yea for sure we are closing tomorrow". I get my hopes and feel depressed...ok maybe depressed is too harsh of a word, but you get my drift.

I feel like Im turning into a broken record. The first thing I do in the morning any more is send an email directly to our processor, checking in. I shouldnt have to check in, they should be checking in with me on a regular business. That is their job. BUT I guess Im paranoid because Ive never bought a house and would like to know whats going on.

I guess thats enough of my ranting.

On a brighter note: Im making flowers!!! I made a daffodil last night! I need to take some pictures of all the flowers that Ive made. They are so cute! I started doing it because I seen NUMEROUS blogs that were talking about recycling, reducing, and reusing. Flowers out of pop bottles were everywhere! I wanted to make some myself so I could decorate our foyer with them at the new house. Im really excited about them!!!!

Im sad to report that I havent been cooking very much here recently. I kind of got into a rut and not to mention have been anticipating on the move that haev been getting things in order to pack up and move. SO! really not a whole lot going on.

I know Ive got so many things to say and add upon, but at the moment I need to call the processor and figure out whats going on with why we arent in the house yet!!
God Bless!

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