Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going ons...

Im pretty sure in my last post I mentioned that we got to move in (ok, so I more than mentioned it!!) Wee the other day I was home sick (sore throat, migrane, and runny nose) and we got the call that we needed to be at the title company at 4 to FINALLY close!!! I am very proud to say that we are homeowners and no longer have to worry about the REAL owners lol! But for real, its pretty freaking awesome.

On that note, it also means that we are now responsible for EVERYTHING that needs to be fixed and anything else that involves our home. We already have had the pleasure of experiencing the water line to my washer leaking. Noah was trying to replace it yesterday and the stupid pipe snapped! (only where the shut off valve was) That meant a late night trip to Lowes yesterday. Im very lucky to have a pretty handy guy!

Also, Noah decided to start a project yesterday while I was at work. I got home and was greeted with part our yard hoed up! Literally! We had talked about making a part of our yard pretty and kind of decorative. I didnt realize that he was going to go ahead and do it yesterday! Oliver loved playing in all the overturned earth!

On a COMPLETELY serious side grandma died the other day. She is my real mom's step mom. Ive never really known her except when I was REAL little and a few phone conversations a few years back. I ask for prayers for my family and this tough time. She deserves her own post and that will come in the next few days.

God Bless!

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