Tuesday, April 13, 2010

House Update

I really wish that I could tell you that we closed on the house, but Firday came and gone and we are still next door to the inlaws. SO! after a huge blowup and a good nap and a much needed conversation with the processor of our file we are now hoping and planning on closing tomorrow [4/14].

I took the entire day off so that we could get things packed and ready to start moving as soon as we got the keys in our hands. I was getting super anxious and excited! I found out that you need a current drivers license to finish up the closing (I didnt have one). SO! I made a hhurried run (drive) down to the DMV. I got there at 11:30 am and we were to close at 2pm. I was at the DMV for two whole hours. While standing in that line I saw SO many characters. There was seriously a woman there who was in a formal dress!!!! I really wish I was making it up but Im not!

ANYWAY so I finally got out of the DMV and headed home to meet Noah and then head to the title company to sign the papers and get the keys. We were getting ready to leave and got a call from our realtor and she informed me that we would not be closing because of some hiccups on their part. There have been A LOT of hiccups but that is an entirely different post. Our realtor headed our way to have us sign an extension and to talk about the situation. I WAS SO PISSED!!! Even that is an understatement! I didnt want to talk to anyone, even Noah.
After a good nap and finally! talking to the processor I started to feel a little better...mostly because I FINALLY got to express how mistreated I think we have been.

SO! the latest news is that its slightly possible that we close tomorrow but if not tomorrow it will be Thursday! Im praying that the apraisor gets back with her first thing in the morning so that we can close tomorrow! I would almost rather close on Friday so that we have all weekend, BUT! beggars cant be choosers!

Hopefully the next time you hear from me we will be closing!

PS!!! I want to kind of change things up on here. I want to let you know more of whats going on. I want to show more of my inspirations and projects...and just stuff like that. We'll see how that goes but for now enjoy!

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