Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Closer

What are you going to be doing at 2pm tomorrow? Noah and I will be closing on our very first home! The best way to put how excited we are is to say that we are...overwhelmed, excited, scared, and anxious.


We have to pack up what little amount of things we have the current house. Most of OUR stuff is in storage, because we knew that we would be moving out again very soon. As soon as finances would allow us we would be gone! We have to take all of our already boxed up things from storage and move it to the garage of OUR house! Its so exciting to say that...OUR HOUSE!


We will have our own space to do what we want with!!! We have been wanting to do so much with OUR space, but its been hard because it wasnt our place. We live with his mom and dad in their extra little house. Weve been extremely greatful for their generosity. BUT its time for us to move on and start our lives the way we want. We are excited because we all (including Oliver) will have our own space to play and grow. There are endless possibilities for what we can do with it! Im mostly excited because I can decorate the way I desire! I get to include my amazing switchplate that you can get from Funkychickendesign on

by the way i JUST learned how to make the hyperlink in this post!!

Now back to the regular programming...


Im not sure how Noah feels on this but for me I am a little scared. BUT in my defense when it comes to HUGE life changing purchases like this Im always scared. Im scared because I worry about all of a sudden not having the money, unexpected medical bills, or whatever unexpeced bills that is. It is a HUGE responsibility! Ive seen my parents struggle and it scares me! I know that I just have to rely on on God and he will see us through!!


Well that goes without saying! I started packing Wednesday night when I found out! I only got two boxes packed...but that goes back to being overwhelmed and not to mention (again) that we have so little to pack up that is with us. Im ready to get in and unpack and put things where we want them! Im ready for this day to be over so that I can get off work and get home to pack up for a long day tomorrow!!!

I will let you all know what happens tomorrow probably once I get the keys in my hands! SO in short could you a little prayer for us about 2pm that everything goes smoothly!
God Bless!

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