Thursday, April 29, 2010

RIP Grandma Di

I remember sitting at a table and being asked if I would like some lucky charms. Fast forward like umpteen years later and having a telephone conversation that consisted of research. I needed to know what color eyes my family memebers had for a family tree we had to put together for 10th grade biology.
Grandma Diane was a wonderful person. This wonderful person passed away on Sunday [April 25, 2010], and will be greatly missed by many, many people. I truly wish I could say more about her, but Ive never really known her other than a couple brief encounters. Even though we've never had the pleasure of sitting down in front of each other and shared our stories I would like to think of her as a very caring, loving and beautiful person! The voice that I remember had a very thick Texas draw to it and you could hear her happiness to be speaking to one of her grandchildren, even if they were only her STEP grandchildren. I dont really think that mattered to her. She loved you regardless!

Please say a prayer for my family as they are going this most difficult loss. I wish I could of been there more and gotten to know her better, but I will get to meet her again one of these days when it's my turn.

I just pray that her family knows that she is in a better place and isn't suffering anymore. She just recently suffered from a stroke. Im not entirely sure of all the details surrounding her passing, mostly because my biological mom doesnt care to share information. That is an entirely different post that is coming later. I want my distant family to know that they are in my prayers.
Ive been trying to completely understand death recently, especially when 3 people that I know have died in the last month and a half. Im not afraid of death, because I know one day I will be united with my creator and get to spend eternity with Him. I think my not understanding comes from me just being selfish about wanting to keep them here with me. However, I know that the ones that Im losing right now are up there waiting on me, waiting to embrace me and catch up.

Anyway, God Bless!

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