Friday, July 9, 2010

1st step in the right direction

So Noah met with our realtor this morning. I came home at lunch to find a for sale sign in the yard. It really struck home! I know that we are serious about wanting to move to so that we can save as much money as we possibly can to uproot and move to the green isles, but it made it a reality! So now the next step is to get the house sold and then decide whether or not to move to an apartment or back to the little house. The good thing about the apartment route is that we still have our boundaries in place with the inlaws, but we are still shelling out precious money that we could be saving for the move. The good thing about the little house is that its more or less free, with some exceptions. We would a ton more with living there. So now thats the dilemma.

On top of everything else...we havent even told our parents about our decisions. This should be interesting! Anyway, I need to jump off here so that I can make the house spotless! Our realtor is going to be showing the house THIS SUNDAY! Thats amazingly quick!

God Bless!

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