Thursday, July 8, 2010

Since nobody else reads this...

I feel pretty safe sharing some things about my little family's upcoming future. We are moving to Ireland! I know what you are going to say..."sure you are" but really we are! We are meeting with the woman who helped us buy our house and going to putting it back on the market. There is no way that we can save the much needed money to completely uproot our family and start anew. With that said, we are looking into apartments and possibly even thinking about moving back into the little house that we dread! HOWEVER, with no rent and hardly any bills we will have saved enough money to go and check it out and then 6 months later make the huge move.

Noah and I have been doing a lot of research about moving to another country. There is alot involved but we are up for it! Ive wanted to travel ever since I can remember! Ive wanted to explore new lands and go places Ive only dreamed of! Now we are making that a reality! Noah has shared the same desire and we both came to the same conclusion. This means that we are going to have to basically sell everything and start fresh! We are simple people and dont need much anyways. I will share more of what we find out and how things develop.

So first things first,

Sell the house
get passports
save LOTS of money
make an exploratory trip
sell possessions
and much much more...

God Bless!

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  1. good luck with the plans to move to Ireland