Thursday, July 15, 2010


The last couple of days have been so stressful, to the point that Ive been snapping and very cold to the ones that I love. Noah, my husband, deals with a lot on a daily basis. He watches our son during the day, works at Atwoods, teaches karate in the evenings, and also goes to school. I go to work and come home. If anyone should have stress, then it should be him! He has stress, but hes able to handle it with much grace. I on the other hand, do not! I can get frustrated to the point of Im full blown angry. Its something at I really need to work on because its not healthy!

I think some of the stress is a result of not knowing how long its going to take to sell our house. Alot of it is due to a lack of organization on our future plans (not our fault). The only reason I go to work is to make money to save up for the aformentioned plans. We have no money! All of our money right now goes to bills and our house payment. Im ready for everything to start taking its place.

I thought about this post earlier but I just cant think of what it was going to be. OH! COMPLETELY RANDOM TIDBIT! Noah got me a seat for my bike for Oliver! I have pictures and want to show them but the camera is in Noahs car right now. That little boy is adorable! We played in the water and soaked him! He learned how to squeeze the trigger to work the sprayer and LOVES it. He rode so well, Im so proud! He says ke-ke (kitty, kitty). Our little man is growing up so much!

God Bless
Take a minute to relax and de-stress!


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