Monday, July 19, 2010

Parents On Board...kind of

Actually weve only told my parents. We told them last night when we were out there. It was nice to let them in on our little secret. I told Noah that I wasnt going to be able to visit with them without saying anything. I felt that they would be MUCH more understanding of our decision. They are around the idea of missionaries much more than Noahs parents and wouldnt try to convince us that it would be a bad idea.

It was actually nice because my dad told us that they were at a point in their lives that if they were called they would go without a doubt. I love to hear that! Then we went to evening church with them in Belle Plaine and afterwards talked to Nathan Gunter the pastor. We told him what we were up to and also asked if there was any guidance he could give us. He listed off so much. Noah met him for lunch today and from what Noah says they had a great conversation. Noah felt very encouraged afterwards. Actually Nathan gave us some refrences and thats where Noah is now, hunting down some of those books. We are getting a clearer path.

Here recently Ive complained to Noah that I dont have many "good" friends. Let me explain...I have friends, friends that if I needed them would be there. BUT sometimes I feel like Im completely alone. Noah says that I dont reach out ot people like I used to. I kind of agree to that...although I would much rather not! So he is giving me a chance to make a new friend who is pretty similar, while also giving me a chance to minster to a young lady. (HA! I say young lady and she is BARELY younger than me!) I feel really old sometimes! Im kind of excited about meeting Cory (I havent learned how to spell her name yet). I always get nervous about meeting new people because I worry about them not liking me. SO! This is my plan: We are going to have Cory over for dinner one night. Im going to make her a pregnancy survival kit of things that I wish I would of had in the beginning. And who knows what after that!

Anyway, theres a lot going on. Next time Ill let you know what going on with the house.

If you have any suggestions about what to put in a pregnancy survival kit let me know!

God Bless

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