Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty Proud of Myself!!

Ive gone from 162lbs to 158lbs! This is a joyous occassion! Ive been running everyday this week and not over eating-or for that matter not eating junk that I dont need! I told Noah last night that I want to set my goal for 115. That is a very healthy weight for someone of my size. That means Ive got to lose about 45lbs. That looks like such a scary number but Im going to take one pound at a time. Ive just gotten a bug to where I CANT STAND the way I look right now! I think thats whats finally kicked me in the butt to get motivated!

Ive also overcame a first! I went to the YMCA all by myself (except Oliver). For some reason I have a weird anxiety about going to the gym alone. I think people are staring at me. I know that they arent...there are much better looking people to look at, but I just have always felt that way. I think that may have also been my number one excuse to not go alone. Who knows! NOT ME! =) Anyway, I just wanted to share this accomplishment...Ive been seeing everywhere people are setting goals for themself and I really want to do that as well! Here is the first thing on my list then, Lose 45 punds in a year...(Im not sure if thats to much time or not enough(I will adjust it as need be)).

God Bless!

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