Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shopping and an Accident...

Our weekend was actually really good! I was hoping for an enjoyable couple of days with my little family and thats what I got for the most part. Noah had to close at work on Friday and Saturday...UGH!!! So Friday night, Oliver and I headed out West to do a little shopping for myself. Im about to walk right out of my flats that Ive had for 3 years! After 7 shops Oliver and I both were exhausted and cranky! Noah came home with WONDERFUL news! His dad heard the Gospel and was really questioning things about himself. we immediately got to our knees and prayed that God touch his life.

Saturday proved well. I got up early and headed out to get Lamars donuts and coffee for Noah before he had to go to work. I didnt get to go to the Y and run. But I did go and help a gal from work who needed some tree limbs hauled away to the landfill. Let me just say YUCK!!! I havent been to the dump in over 12 years! I dont miss it! After Oliver and I took a nap we went to the mall to give the shopping thing another try. This time we took a friend. I like shopping with friends much better than shopping alone! The trip was successful (minus the shoes)! I found two dresses that will be perfect for our upcoming trip to Texas.

Sunday was probably the most eventful! We got up and went to the early service at church. It was ALL worship! It was really nice to stand beside my love and sing to God for an hour. We had a showing that afternoon, meaning we had to get the house clean and get out of there. I was bored. Noah had a private lesson to take care of so I went to Fashion Bug to look for shoes again, no luck!
Later Noah and I went out shopping again. This time mostly for him. The boy needed some shorts SO SO SO bad! He found some but didnt get them. Well after a great afternoon with the man, we went back to his parents for some dinner. Afterwards we decided to make another trip back to Kohls to get the shorts he put back, this time with his mom and Oliver.

I had fun with Oliver and Noahs mom while he was tryig to find clothes. We finally got out of there and was headed home, when the worst part of the weekend happened. We got up on the highway and almost immediately was in an accident. A car had stalled out and another struck it from behind hard enough to make it spin. While spinning it struck us in the middle of stopping. None of us were hurt but the other three people involved were taken to the hospital. We think the front axle on our car is broken and the transmission is damaged but looking at it, you wouldnt think much happened to it.
I hope that the other two vehicles occupants are doing better. I pray that they heal quickly. I also pray that everything is sorted out as far as insurance is concerned in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than fretting over an accident months down the road.

We are all doing well, and are lucky that we werent hurt.
Thats how our weekend went, how was yours?


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