Thursday, August 19, 2010

I guess that was a backwards compliment...

I work in an office and have to be there early.  In the mornings I stop and grab either a muffin, poptart, juice gas whatever my little heart desires! Noah gets mad because I "nickel and dime" our account. LOL!

Anyway, back to the point...this little store is run by this father and son team. I think the old man is originally from India. Through our meetings Ive learned that he used to be a professor and now he runs a convienent store...gofigure. But his son is really nice, we talk everytim Im in there, which is often. 

One day the old man greeted me and I was in a good mood and feeling very confident about my appearance.  (Ive had a baby and still in the process of losing the extra poundage) We made small talk, he asked about my son.  Its not uncommon for him to comment that Im looking good.  This particular day he said that I was looking sexy and that it looks like Ive gained some weight!!!
I really didnt know how to take it.  I called a friend...

Me: In India, are bigger women deemed more attractive?
Kerri: I think so...
Me: This guy at the store just told me that it looks like Ive gained weight, and that I look sexy! HE SAID SEXY!!!
Kerri: REALLY!!?!?!!

After paying for my gas or whatever it was, I had to quickly drive on! I try my darndest to ONLY go in when the son is working. Im not a fan of being hit on by a maybe 50 year old Indian man.
This was MONTHS ago.
Today, as I drove up I seen the old man in front of the store...Im dead serious, I almost just drove on and went on to work. But that muffin was calling my name. 

Old man:  Its been a long time! How are you?
Me: Im good.
Old man: how is your son?
Me: Hes great, just getting big and being a boy!
Old man: Great!
**credit card reciept printing**
Old man: Are you expecting?
Me: Heck No! ***nervous giggle***
Me: See ya!

Did I tell you that he keeps telling me that I should have another child?  Its bad enough that my grandmother with alzheimer always asks when we are going to have another baby, but some creepy old Indian man...I THINK NOT!!!

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  1. Hahahaha. Not the most flattering compliment. What an awkward situation. And the pregnancy question- that one is the WORST.

  2. Wow you only have 2 followers? I'm privileged to say I'm your 3rd! hehe. I found you through the linky. Funny story!! :P


  3. Im in the process of losig weight and for a man to say that...UGH!!
    Yea, I think I would have more if I told more people about my site. But Ive got things on here that are kind of a secret for now.

  4. Oh wow...yeah that was pretty bad...thanks for your comments and I totally agree...I can't believe people just say what they are thinking?!?! :) I'm your 4th follower!! :)