Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Life Goals

Ive been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life for the longest time.  I have a habit of conforming to those around me.  Ive had some limits but not many.  Ive gained things in life that I do genuniely like, but once Ive gotten away from that person those things dont matter to me as much.  Ive been searching for myself for a long time.  It was inspired by Maggie Mason's Mighty Life List
  1. Lose 45 pounds
  2. Run a 5k 11/7/10 AND it was an 8k!! My time was 59:18!
  3. Take a family vacation  5/29/11- Kansas City, Oceans of Fun!
  4. Have a honeymoon
  5. Show compassion
  6. Have family pictures taken 10/23 Thank you Meg!!
  7. Read 100 books
  8. Eat escrgot
  9. Eat clams
  10. Go to the dentist
  11. Get a passport
  12. Drink a beer or wine in an Irish pub
  13. Finish my Associates degree
  14. Make a will
  15. Learn to scuba dive
  16. Tithe
  17. Buy Noah a new wedding ring
  18. Live in one place for 6 months 10/19/10
  19. Buy a stock
  20. Go to Stonehenge
  21. Go to the Garden of the Gods
  22. Snowboard
  23. Go to a castle
  24. Go to Jerusalem
  25. See Paris from the top of the eiffel Tower
  26. Visit the Statue of Libery
  27. See New York from the top of the Empire State Building
  28. Learn French
  29. Learn something new
  30. Take a girls trip Labor Day 2010
  31. Eat crab on the beach  8/2010
  32. Go deep sea fishing
  33. Take the family camping
  34. Go to culinary school
  35. Go for a balloon ride
  36. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  37. Swim with dolphins
  38. See Big Ben
  39. Raise my credit score
  40. Write a letter
  41. Renew my vows after 10 years of marriage
  42. Read my Bible front to back
  43. Go on a train ride
  44. 100 hours of community service
  45. Have another child We are pregnant! 4/13/11
  46. Send out Christmas cards
  47. Make our Christmas stockings
  48. Visit Greece
  49. Take Noah and Oliver to the Grand Canyon
  50. See the Northern Lights
  51. Develop and frame 200 pictures that Ive taken
  52. Take boudior pictures
  53. Go to China
  54. Get my balck belt
  55. Go to Egypt
  56. See the Pryamids
  57. Walk on the beach at night  8/2010
  58. Watch a pro baseball game in person
  59. See a Broadway musical on Broadway
  60. Sip Earl Grey in England
  61. Have 5 genreation pictures taken (both sides)- got 4 generations on my side done.
  62. Learn to knit
  63. Learn to crochet
  64. Make a quilt
  65. Go to Japan
  66. Host a holiday meal at my house.  Thanksgiving 2010
  67. Take Oliver and Noah to New York
  68. Take Oliver and Noah to the Pacific Ocean
  69. Take Oliver and Noah to the Atlantic Ocean
  70. Take the hunters Safety Course
  71. Shoot a gun 12/4/10
  72. Grow a garden
  73. Make a compost bin in progress
  74. Build something
  75. Go to Mardi Gras
  76. Eat Crawfish  5/29/11
  77. Eat Mussels  5/29/11
  78. Go to Ireland
  79. Go to Scotland
  80. Stand in a HUGE redwood tree
  81. Go to a waterfall with Noah
  82. Stroll the Pacific coast
  83. Fly with Noah
*Its still a work in progress...Im still adding to it!


  1. what a list! you've got a lot of great things listed to look forward to.

  2. You know, you could also mark off your girls trip.