Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Texas Vacation Part 1


So We got up early Tuesday morning to finish getting packed and we also had to pick up the house because they our realtor was going to show it while we were gone.  So it was a very early morning especially for us since we didnt go to bed until after one!  The plan was to be in the van and leaving town by 8.  We didnt get on the road until 10! UGH!!! I was frustrated because I was super tired! Super Hungry! AND Super ready to get this show on the road!
 I really thought Oliver was going to do horribly on the trip because this kid has only gone as far as Salina.  Thats only like an hour and a half I think.  This was 8 hours!!!! He did amazing! We stopped every couple of hours so that he could stretch his legs and get a fresh diaper.  Noah fell asleep immediately and was out for a good while! Not to mention grumpy.  We didnt have a good start that morning.  We stopped in Oklahoma first and stretched and got a snack.  Oliver was a goof! He was running around everywhere.  At the rest stop there was a fence that you could see the highway traffic through.  He was so fascinated by it!
Then he decided that he needed to pose by one of the trees! Mind you Oliver is a year and a half. I did not coax him for any of these poses!

This little guy is my joy! Im so proud of him!! He did such a great job on such a long trip!
Anyway, Noah started giving me a hard time about taking pictures.  I told him that I would take as many pictures as I wanted!!! I havent been on vacation in a long time and this was a first for us as a family! So I WANTED PICTURES!!!!

Im still teaching Noah's mom to use our camera. I should of just used my tripod!  He looked so grumpy so when we got back in the van I took some more pictures of us!


I did alot of reading on the trip and Noah gave me the ack seat all to myself! He got to sit up front and be the navigator!
We saw one of the coolest casinos ever!! It was in the shape of Big Ben  and all kinds of different famous structures!!  There was France, Spain, and even Rome.  It was so neat.
We then made a pit stop at a Texas rest stop a couple hours later to stretch again.
In this one there were pamphlets for all kinds of attractions all over the state.  Oliver made sure he looked at single one of them!
Before we got back on the road I got some more pictures.

Arent we too cute!?!
We finally got to our first hotel and got ready and headed over to Buzzard Billy's.  It was ok, but not the best.  The setting was really cool.  But the food was overpriced and not the best.  When we got back to the hotel we went swimming.  Noah's mom jummped in fully clothed with Oliver.  He had a BLAST!
Until the next installation...

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