Thursday, August 19, 2010

Texas Vacation Part 2

So we woke up the next morning and realized those beds sucked!! In this little twin bed all three of us slept.  The boys took up most of the room.  I just got up and started getting ready to pack up and start back on the road. When we finally did get ready to leave, the boys were putting the suitcases back in the van and Noah didnt like how I had packed it.
He was griping that the thing was too lumpy and decided that my little old swimsuit was the cause of it! HAHA!
We went on our way to San Antonio.
This part of the trip went by pretty quickly. I did more reading and napping of course!
When we finally made it to San Antonio, we were so ready to be out of the van and get exploring. 
Outside Stage where dancers dance.
The Marriage Spot...theres a huge long story with this one.
Some of the Beautiful buildings down the river.
Im not entirely sure what is up there.  I just thought it was neat!

Ill leave you with these for now.  The next part is going to be about Noah and I's night out!
Until next time...

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